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Shareware that don't have freeware replacements

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Alternative to PS Tray Factory could be Tray Manager from

Tray Manager isn't that good. It hasn't been updated in 7 years, doesn't integrate with Windows XP, etc. unless you have it run at startup, and doesn't detect all of the system tray icons that were displayed on my PC. So, while searching for info on it, I found another freeware tray manager called Tray Wizard. I would have to say that its just as good as PS Tray Factory.

Here's a link to download it (since the official site has been abandoned):

ohh nice find Zero3K, it actually works better for me than the PSTrayFactory trial i tried ever did  :Thmbsup:.  It puts a link to their sponsors in the start menu (and program folder) but it doesnt seem to download anything.

Website Watcher - check websites for updates

SpaceMonger Displays files and folders as boxes, with sizes relative to space taken on disk.
Even though there are some freewares approaching SpaceMonger, SpaceMonger is still far ahead of the lot.

Here's a free alternative (may be less featured) to Website Watcher:


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