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This thread will collect info and links for FARR v2 plugin writers:

* Download the plugin SDK (with sample plugin code) here:
* Download instructions and sample files for making your plugin updateable here:
* Thread on the forum discussing plugin ideas and requests:
* Need more help? Ask me: [email protected]  or join the online irc-based text chat.
* Need a website for your plugin? Just ask!

Latest News:

* The plugin SDK pack was updated with sample DELPHI plugin framework (Sep 23, 2007) -- thanks to Okke.
* New plugin wrapper for C# by vitalyb can be found: here.
* An amazing plugin wrapper for Javascript and other Active Scripting Languages by dc member ecaradec: here - AMAZING

Great! This should spur development of more plug-ins. I took a look recently at writing a plug-in and quickly realised that I was way out of my element depth. When I have time, I'll take a look at all of these resources and will take another crack at it  :Thmbsup:

I’m still working on the locate32 plugin and nitrix had some great ideas on how to use it.
Now I’m running into some problems.

What I tried to do:

-   used the regex “loc”
-   make an alias that does the following:
dosearch loc –p d:\music –ld $$1 +open_winamp

Why this doesn’t work:

FARR doesn’t seem to recognize the +open_winamp option when a regular expression is used.

What I tried to do next:
-   create an alias for the plugin named “locate”
-   make an alias that does the following:
dosearch locate –p d:\music –ld $$1 +open_winamp

Why this doesn’t work:

When using an alias and using the searchstring_lc_nokeywords parameter the options like “-p” and “-ld” get stripped too. So I can’t use that searchstring. It would also be really hard to distinguish minusoptions (for instance –mp3) that belong to FARR or belong to locate.

What I tried to do next:

Instead of having the locate alias use “-p” for directories and “-ld” for directories only, I filtered out the “+” options in the plugin so I can use the FARR searchfolders like “+folder_music” and options for directories only like “+\”. I open the FindAndRunRobot.ini and read the SearchFolders section to do that (Mouser, is there a way to question SearchFolders from inside the plugin?).

The options get translated back to the regular “-p” and “-ld” options and it loops through the matched directories and adds those files found to the results. Btw, people might say I could just return the results to FARR and let it do all the filtering in case of “+folder_music” but the problem is locate would just return ALL the results at first which is basically your whole harddisk :).

This is working sofar but I’m running into one more problem. When I return the results I tell FARR to add a score to the files (also tried telling FARR to do matching after returning results as well). It does add a score but it totally seems to ignore pattern scoring. If I do “locate +folder_music +mp3 <artistname>” then locate returns the results but the “+mp3” pattern scoring doesn’t add the score to mp3 files. If I do “+folder_music +mp3 <artistname>” it does add the scoring. Does the pattern scoring work with aliases/plugins at all? I would expect FARR to apply the + modifiers to the result. In case of “+folder_music” and “+mp3” I’d expect all the results to match the first modifier and add the score to mp3 files that are found.

I could read the pattern scoring from the ini file as well but I’d rather not if it’s not needed. It would be great if I could just pass the results back and let FARR take care of the rest.

Mouser, do you have any ideas/solutions? Or anybody else ofcourse :)


--- ---dosearch locate –p d:\music –ld $$1 +open_winamp
this is really hard to distinguish plugin parameters from FARR parameters...
this is also true for any other use of the dosearch command... application, alias, url

i feel that those parameters should be better separated maybe directly into the dosearch command :

--- ---dosearch locate –p d:\music –ld $$1 [FARR]+open_winamp[/FARR]or

--- ---music search | dosearch locate –p d:\music –ld $$1 | +open_winamp
just my 2 cents :D

these are great questions and points, just give me a day to get to them..

you've basically identified the crux of the problem, which is that on one hand the regex match blocks farr from stripping off and parsing the modifier options, and on the other hand if you don't use regex then all such modifiers and - arguments are stripped off.

one solution is to add a few options in aliases that let you tell farr what kinds of modifiers to strip off (-modifier and/or +modifiers), even before a regular expression match.

another solution might be in a non-regular expression match to let a plugin more easily examine the modifiers and tell farr which ones the plugin handled so farr doesn't have to.


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