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If you're debating it right now, look at it this way... It's a mere $100 per year. Not a big deal. Drop the $100 and get into the news groups. Get some information and post some questions. At the end of the year, decide if you want to renew. In all likelihood you'll renew.

The free software you get there and the discounts will MORE than pay for the membership in any event.

The thing about the ASP compared to forums like here is that they are private and verified. Not just anyone can join. Consequently you get more open discussions there that you won't see in public forums like this. Developers are more willing to be open when they know that there aren't 'prying eyes' peeking in on them.

You won't be disappointed.


Just bumping this to see if anyone that reads this forum is in the ASP. I posted in Living Room, but just in case people don't read there...


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