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Bug or feature?


In Find & Run Robot when I uncheck "Start automatically when Windows Starts" in Options > Configuration the setting is always checked again if I exit the program and restart. I looked in the .ini file but there did not appear to be any item related to this option. I do not necessarily want to have the Trigger File link added to my Start menu so is this a bug or a feature?


this is a bug; i will try to fix in next version.
The way it works now is it tries to check your start menu "Startup" group.
If it finds itself there, it checks the box, if not the box is unchecked.
When you check the box it adds itself to start menu "Startup" group.

SO, if your seeing the box checked each time you start it, it means its somehow not removing itself from your start menu "Startup" group the way it should be.  for now you can just delete the shortcut manually fromt he startup group in start menu.

I just noticed this behavior myself.  And I almost didn't read this thread, given its totally vague subject line.


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