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Acronis True Image OR maybe not ???

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Carol Haynes:
did I miss something here (?)
whats 14W?  smiley

to console myself for having bought such a monster (Acronis 11) I can point out that incremental backup is (hopefully) more of a space saver than Differential
--- End quote ---

I4W = Image For Windows (see about 5 posts up)

Differential backup is more space consuming - but then it is also more flexible - you only need to keep the base copy and any differential chunks you want to keep (you can delete any of the differential chunks and still have a coherent backup). The first differential backup should be the same as an incremental backup.

One of the confusing things with Acronis is that it only has one filetype (unless they have changed something) - this is really stupid as you can't identify which are the base, differential, incremental or file backup files from the extension or icon. They should have 4 separate file types.

In theory you can mix incremental and differential --- eg. you could

Day 1 Base ...
Day 2 Incremental
Day 3 Incremental
Day 4 Incremental
Day 7 Differential - then you can delete the increments.

Not sure if you can then continue to build increments followed by a further differential.

Trouble is you would have to be very careful what you deleted each time!

wasnt sure whether to post here or there (another Acronis thread)

just For The Record

I noticed in Chip (german) computer mag
that Avanquest's Perfect Image 11
get's tops of a short list of best-of "Image-Programme"

The review was in a previous issue so i havent seen it
Gets 91/100 to Acronis True Images 70/100

for what it's worth.

I must say I'm fairly disappointed with True Image's interface -
dunno, backup utilities in general (that I've seen) seem to think they are exempt from good GUI design requirements -
probably goes with the utility image :D

But I guess if it does the job thats the important thing...

Thanks tomos!

Like Carol, I'm on Acronis True Image Workstation 9.1 and it is rock solid. I don't mind the GUI (but then I've no idea what's been done since ATI Home 9).

My experience too: 9.1 is rocksolid.
I wonder which version caused problems to Zaine's hard drive...


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