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Acronis True Image OR maybe not ???

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I actually have a copy of True Image 7 with I believe an option to upgrade for 30$
so think I'll go for that ...

EDIT no,
maybe I dont have that option, I'll go sleep on it
-tomos (September 22, 2007, 06:06 PM)
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If the $30 offer isn't available, you can get it from newegg for $35 - no shipping since it's a download:

upgrades are about 40% off (and you can skip versions and not have to pay a penalty when you buy your next upgrade - i.e. going from version 9 to 11 is the same price as going from 10 to 11).-Darwin (September 22, 2007, 03:58 PM)
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From Acronis "Live Chat" help:
Andrew: You are right, it is ok if you have version 7 or 8 or 9, any version of home product may be upgraded to Acronis True Image 11 Home&
he gave me the link with the $29.99 upgrade price

looking good,
only problem now is their checkout page doesnt have any next button after filling in the details  ;D

will try again later...

I also spotted this on a web trawl Acronis True Image Home 11 at $29 (download version) (Look under products) I don't know anything about the store or how it works but it might be worth a look. Only if you can face using a new version which may be bug ridden if past experience is anything to go by.
-Carol Haynes (September 22, 2007, 07:08 PM)
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I had spotted that one too  :D
It does look for the User Group Name AND it's "Order Number" after you give your details
I searched for computer user groups thinking I wouldnt mind getting involved in something like that,
unfortunately there's only a couple of groups here with very obscure/specialized subjects
eg "RAM PC User Group"

Found a link to one free online user group (based in Derry!) thought I was made but link dead
Anyone interested in finding one near you,
have a look at Computer User Groups on the Web
or Association of PC User Groups

Where are you based?

If you are in Europe TrueImage 10 is at for under £15 - see in the UK you get free shipping - but it won't be too expensive to get it delivered in Europe.-Carol Haynes (September 22, 2007, 07:08 PM)
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thats a very good price - €21 or so
(I'm in Germany, think it would still be less than €30 with delivery)
thanks mwb100 for the newegg offer which actually works out at ...25€ - wow the exchange rate is very good, well, for buying in dollars!

Carol Haynes:
Yep - they do have it on and too but both are much more expensive than the UK price (for once).

Personally if I were to buy it now I would buy TI 10 and not go for TI 11 (even if you can find a cheap copy). IME Acronis will take 3-6 months to make TI 11 bug free.

As a company it has an interesting approach. The corporate versions are at version 9.1 (I use TI 9.1 Workstation) and hasn't seen any sort of update since February. Basically they only seem to move on the corporate versions after home users iron out all the bugs. In other words home users pay to be beta testers!


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