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Installer picks wrong language, cannot install


On my Polish version of XP SP2, this is what the installer's first screen looks like:

I can see which button is the default, but other than that the installer is unusable. I canceled the installation for fear the program itself would look the same.

The characters are all wrong (Polish uses ISO-8859-2, or Windows-1250), a modified Latin alphabet. Since I've seen similar text before (notably in spam), I suppose the installer is trying to talk at me in Russian. Russian uses Cyrillic, which is an entirely different codepage, hence the display is all garbled. FWIW, the characters are definitely not garbled Polish characters. Agnitum Outpost once thought Polish users spoke Russian too, but it did manage to display Cyrillic correctly :)

Please complain to whoever authored the installer. To most people in Poland it will be undecipherable, even if properly displayed. I am of the last Polish generation who learned Russian as a mandatory subject at school, but even I cannot read Russian using Western European codepage :) Please note also that some people may find it culturally offensive, especially in a program for language buffs. If possible, please allow users to pick their language on the first page of the installer.

Is there a zip package I could download instead?

Kind thanks,

Hey marek -- wordzilla the author is away from home for next day but i know that the program doesn't really need an installer so i think he should be able to upload a zip version for you when he sees this.

Thanks a lot, Mouser, I'll wait for that.


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