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WordWeb 5 icon?


This is not really that important and I realize its a bit obsessive but I just thought I should let you know. As you are, I'm sure, well aware of, WordWeb changed its icon since it went to version 5. The icon for looking up words in WW under "Tools" menu is from the previous version.

Yes, the new WordWeb icon looks much prettier than the old one and I'll update it in the next version of Moby. Thanks for the reminder.  :Thmbsup:

p.s. long time no see, cemole ;)

Hi Anderson (aka Mobysaurus and Wordzilla),
I'm sorry. I missed your message from April 4th somehow. Yes, I've been silent quite a while have been checking-out website frequently.

Not a problem. :)

I've been waiting for database revisions to accumulate in order to upload a minor update, with the new icon.


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