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Equivalent to Foldershare?

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There's also PowerFolder (Free & Pro Editions).

Thanks for the recommendations - I find that I'd looked at both PowerFolder and Unison before, but had forgotten them.  PowerFolder indeed looks like what I want, though I'd have to ante up considerably more cash than desired to get the capabilities I need.  Oh well, now it's just a matter of money.

Any experiences with some of those equivalents? I'm asking because I'm just through with FolderShare--it missed some file changes and synchronized data the opposite direction, destroying some recent changes. (Fortunately FileHamster had a copy, but this was enough to mistrust and stop using FolderShare.)

I use powerfolder. I like it but I think their pricing is little expensive.

You're right, it is expensive, but I'm going to give a free version of PowerFolder a try. It should be quite sufficient for my needs.


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