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What linux needs?

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Carol Haynes:
Mac OS X, but he'll deny it
-Lashiec (September 28, 2007, 06:00 PM)
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Yeah right ... have you seen the price of Apple hardware - you can buy 3 or 4 PCs with higher spec hardware for the price of the cheapest iMac!

Not only that Mac OS X is suffering from the same interminable heaping of old code as Windows - it is by definition one OS built on top of another before you start and every version brings a new layer.

Plus to keep up you have to buy a new computer every 6-12 months.

I suppose if Windows 7 or 8 is the new OS from scratch that people is demanding, that would fit the bill.

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I am sure there are many at MS that would like to do that but it will never happen - by Version 8 you will need an HD-DVD drive just to install Windows and larger hard disks than are currently available. Graphics cards will need more memory than Windows currently supports for the pretty desktop and DRM will be so embedded you won't be able to log on with written permission from Sony, Paramount and countersigned in person by Bill G!

As for Linux, well, maybe they'll fix their way.

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Nah - it's designed by geeks, for geeks. They are very vocal but numbers are so small as to be insignificant (it is estimated that the number of Linux desktops out there are fewer than half the number of Macs - and that is pretty small. Servers are a different matter - but how many people run servers). The only way Linux will take off is if the OS is unbundled from new PCs and you have to purchase an OS with your PC - THEN and ONLY THEN will Linux look attractive (or even visible) to most users - and THEN and ONLY THEN will Linux look interesting to hardware and software vendors.

Good point, Carol. I forgot Mac OS X is built on top of UNIX foundation code (even if that line was supposed to be a joke ;D).

So, what about AmigaOS 4? No wait, that one is also built on top of old code. So, what's left? The picture is turning pretty grim.

No wait, that one is also built on top of old code. So, what's left? The picture is turning pretty grim.
-Lashiec (September 28, 2007, 07:07 PM)
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REINVENTION OF (or actual release of "completed" code for) BE OS! ;D ;D ;D :Thmbsup:

Better yet, (Sorry Mouser, but better get your coding fingers ready  :P ) CODY OS!

after spending a few days working with an open source linux project that seems designed to make people hate linux and having had much more pain and frustration fighting with server configuration and error handling on linux, and being currently in the middle of one of my angery fury fugues, you should probably ignore what i'm about to say, but allow me to vent and say linux is as much a complete piece of garbage as every other operating system.  it's a complete and unmitigated mess which i wouldn't wish on anyone.  i'm not saying something like windows vista isn't worse (or better), i'm just saying its a total mess which should have been drowned in a bathtub.

don't get me wrong there are a ton of great things about linux, and the entire open source movement it helped usher in.  really some amazing stuff.  it's just my opinion that it's not some magical thing -- it is literally filled with ugly flaws just like the rest of the software on this planet.

personally my experience with trying to configure and keep a linux web server running smoothly is enough to convince me there is no god.


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