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What linux needs?

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Carol Haynes:
If you read the article it actually makes the case that "Apple Macs are a niche market" ... is that the get out clause?

I agree it would be stupid to apply this idea only to current Windows-type machines and there would be major lawsuits from manufacturer's (not to mention MS) if Apple was exempt.

The question is WHO would buy Apple hardware just to run Windows - they would have to be seriously deranged to pay that price for a Windows box! Do Linux distributions run on Apple hardware (never heard of anyone doing it)? If they run Windows I shouldn't think there is a problem - but again who would pay the premium for a Linux box?

If it happened Apple would be stuffed in Europe unless they unbundle hardware and MacOS (very unlikely as bundled OS has been the rabid company philosophy since the beginning - and there have been many attempts to persuade them to release MacOS to other platforms without any success). If they do unbundle they would have to produce hardware at prices that could reasonably compete - which would be interesting.

Personally I think if Apple are forced they will simply move out of Europe and either not supply to Europe or just provide a shop from the US via the internet.

Apple are already coming under serious pressure from the EU because of the iPod/iTunes/iTunes Store near monopoly so it will be interesting to see where it all runs.

My own view is that we won't see it happen in our lifetime - MS won't let it. They will keep the EU in court until hell freezes over to stop it and probably have enough financial weight to force the US to impose trade sanctions on Europe!

I must agree linux needs;

RAD designer like delphi (glade is slow hard to learn)
Better driver support
documentation for developrs
no restrictions like QT in KDE inlvement

thres more but i'm off to sleep.

Personally i would much rather wait for a new clean operating system than deal with *nix.

I stick with windows mainly because of the applications available.  But like switching languages, i'd be prepared to switch if i found something nice and clean and elegant.  linux is none of these (imho).  It's a mess and burdened with the baggage of it's history.  Both windows and linux are suffering severely under the strain of age.

Mouser, what would that clead clean OS be ?

I'll tell you

SpoilerMac OS X, but he'll deny it ;) ;D

I suppose if Windows 7 or 8 is the new OS from scratch that people is demanding, that would fit the bill. As for Linux, well, maybe they'll fix their way. They have really interesting ideas for the whole OS and its application catalog, but the gurus should start to think outside their world and get the big picture (particularly Mr. Stallman ;D), as I think it's quite possible to cater both newbies and power users alike (yeah, including terminal zealots ;)), as Windows proved through the years. KDE 4 is near, and so far it seems that it could bring a real advantage in (desktop) innovation compared with Windows, so I expect the other developers take advantage of this momentum to offer something really attractive to the rest of us (both users and developers).


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