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How do you launch stuff?

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Rocker452 - is the Hotkeys at a decendent of the Hotkeys that was written in the 90's by SheAr Software?

Farr/Luanchy, yeah, yeah. What's your hurry? Lookit, take a breath and slow down a little. Kindly think about backups/images instead. Might serve you better, IMHO.


I prefer Executor. It works like launchy/FARR/Slickrun.

It has one of the lowest memory/cpu footprint, so it's fast even on my 400Mhz PC.

There's hotkey support, so I can launch my fav. programs without even activating the command bar.

The best thing I like though, is that the author is super-fast in fixing bugs. He's also quite approachable and open to new features/ideas.

* Quicklaunch (from truelaunchbar, not that different though)

though i find that FARR gets slower the more directories you add to it.
For example i have all my portable/standalone/no-install programs in C:\Programs, and when i try to find something in it, it takes too long.
Another issue is i don't know when it's done searching.
-vixay (September 27, 2007, 01:33 AM)
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You could use the Locate32 Plug-in for farr -- no more waiting since everything is indexed, if you wish. For most of the C drive, I use locate.

What we need now is a careful mega review of all these launchers with a comparison table! ;D


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