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How do you launch stuff?

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Sounds quite interesting... I wonder why they do this.
-Tuxman (November 19, 2009, 01:06 PM)
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Dunno' but mentioning the QuickLaunch reminds me of another launch tip or trick.  Name your QuickLaunch shortcuts with short names, then put the QuickLaunch folder in the Path.  Say you have your favorited editor's shortcut named "edit", if you open a command prompt and type edit, the shortcut will be launched if cmd.exe doesn't find another executable first.


Hello members,

The new RecentX video shows some neat ways of launching programs, files, folders & websites.

Check out the video at


Gautam Jain

- thank you for that video link, Gautam, you have just made me realize that my RecentX can do more useful things than what I was aware of.

I launch stuff most of the times using task commander - it creates a list of apps automatically whenever something is started (whether it is started manually, from a file, from the start menu). I like that I dont have to add new apps (or old apps after a reinstall of the OS) to get them in the menu, and the only management I have to do is hide/remove one-off programs to keep the list short.

Feels like less work to me

It has not been updated for windows7 so if recenx has been, it might provide the same kind of functionality for me in the future :)


Yes, RecentX works on Windows 7.

Gautam Jain


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