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How do you launch stuff?

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Off late, I've been researching on several ways to launch programs/files/folders/web sites.

I've tried

a) adding a menu in DOpus but realized that I have to switch to its window and click on the menu to get to the items 

1) Added a menu in PhraseExpress and set a hotkey ctrl+M to bring up the menu. I still have to press a hot key to bring up the menu
2) Similar hotkey menu activation using PS Hot Launch (better than DOpus method because the individual items automatically get a letter by which they can be selected)

c) Launchy, FARR etc.: I have to press a key like Alt+space to bring up the floating command line. Of course this method has the added advantage that you need not manually add items to the menu as they get auto picked from Program Files.

d) LaunchOnFly: This brings up the menu simply by moving mouse to one of the 4 screen edges or corners. Excellent! Here are some screens:

I'm using the last free version which can be downloaded from here.

Are there any similar better free programs that brings up a menu by simply mousing over a region of the screen?

How about you? What do you use?

I use FARR, LaunchBarCommander and some shortcuts in my LiteStep theme. I've also got quite a few hotkeys configured (in an AHK script) to launch at least the most used apps (WIN+E = Total Commander, WIN+N = metapad, WIN+T = notepad++, etc...).

I only have 4 methods to launch stuff:

* Farr (this is the one i use 99% of the time)

* QuickLaunch bar (i use this when i don't feel like using the mouse)

* AHK shortcuts (after i've launched my main ahk script through one of the above methods)

* XYplorer (to launch files which i can't remember their location)

I use


Stroke it

Panekiller (CTRL + right click anywhere to get start menu)

I created a dozens of single-key shortcuts for the main applications (using Hotkeyz), for the not so frequented apps I'm using FARR and the rest including command-line driven apps I'm starting from within ZTreeWin. Not a single icon on desktop, no Quick Launch toolbar. For me very efficient setup.


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