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I "love" process tamer, I can't live without !!!

But how I'd like a hard disk tamer ... ! If an application starts to use too much CPU it gets tamed... but how to deal with applications that start to heavily work with the hard drive, slowing down the system to a crawl and consuming little more than 0% CPU???


My vote for this again...  ;) (


It's good you mention that. You're actually not the first! See :

[edit : oups! yksyks posted at the same time!)

Opps, sorry, I admit it, I did not search before...


I am not aware of any mechanism to throttle disk IO in the Windows API. The most you can do is control IO using DPC's but once an IO request has been dispatched, it will run to completion unless its preempted by a higher priority request such as that coming from an ISR, which are not controllable from user mode.

Its impossible to timeslice away from an existing disk operation in the same way that can be done for threads on a cpu, the reason being that file IO has no notion of state which can be saved (like cpu registers).


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