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Command to empty recycle bin?


I want to create a button for emptying recycle bin and put it at the top of my screen using PowerPro. I tried

--- ---cmd.exe del \C C:\RECYCLER\?*.*
but that didn't delete the contents.

Any ideas? (w/o using another program like or, if possible)

this AHK command could do the trick: FileRecycleEmpty.

Empties the recycle bin.FileRecycleEmpty [, DriveLetter]

PowerPro has a built in command for this. Under the *Exec menu is "EmptyRecycleBin". From the help...

Empties the recycle bin. Use checkboxes to control confirmation and whether sound is played and animation shown. Unavailable on early Win95 versions unless IE4 or later has been installed.

Thanks lanux and jacid.

Here's a .js script to do that:

shl = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application");
bin = shl.NameSpace(10);
bin.Self.InvokeVerb("Empty Recycle &Bin");

Also, Recycle Bin in Quick Launch might be a useful tweak for some ... ???


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