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IDEA: Run on unhibernation

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if one of you would know a way or know of a program or would like to create a program that would run or do something upon the machine unhibernating.

If nobody knows of something that does this, this thread has all the info on making an ahk script that'll do it.

m0rph: what exactly would you like it to do on unhibernation?

Well, initially I want it as a way to circumvent a bizarre issue with my laptop.

It doesn't have any WOL (Wake-On-LAN) features of any kind enabled in the BIOS, yet after hibernating, within a matter of a few random hours, it will spur back to life. The problem is it usually does this overnight and often while in my backpack and when I try to turn it on with the battery the next morning, it's been drained. (duh!)

So, if I could have a prompt with a timeout to ask me if I wanna return to hibernation, then I could have it rehibernate after mysteriously waking up and keep doing so as much as needed. This way at least I'd have some battery left for the next day. (It doesn't unhibernate immediately... it's after a random amount of hours.)

But there's other things I could do with it, too.

Ok, then i'll do you a program that'll run a specific Executable when the computer comes back from hibernation!

Just give me a few hours ;)

Ok... And it's done!

It's really simple to use. Just launch it with a command line argument which is the program (or file) you'd like to launch. To do so, you can just drop the file on to the executable, or you can make a shortcut to it with that file as an argument.
To launch several files in order, just make a .txt file with a list of the path to each file, rename it to a .bat file and launch that .bat file as argument to RunOnUnhibernation!

RunOnUnhibernation v1.0 created 17-09-07:
Run the program passed as argument on cumputer unhibernation
--- End quote ---
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