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  • Friday July 12, 2024, 8:47 am
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Author Topic: IDEA: Program to print text into a blank form, to save me writing manually!  (Read 5131 times)


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Brief: Implement a program to fill out details and print them onto a paper document.

This program is very simple. I work in the horse racing industry in Ireland. After every horse race I need to fill out a form. This form has basic information to be filled in. If a program could be written to fill in most of the data it would save me having to write it out manually.

 These basic fields are:
1. The name of our company (never changes)
2. Our permit number (never changes)
3 The racetrack we are currently at (one of 32 racetracks)
4. The date in ddmmyy order.
5. The current race (starts from 1 and finishes with either 7 or 8)

The program should save some config data into a config file.

This config file should store:

The company name, permit number, the date, the racecourse and the number of races.
This config file should be saved after every use so the user can automatically load the same data the next year the same race meeting is on.

Then the user should be able to press print and the printer should print the appropriate data into the corresponding blank areas on the form for the 7 or 8 races. (This leaves me to fill out the last blank, depending on the race result, and sign my signature to it before submitting it)

I cannot imagine this program would take very long to do, it is an interesting basic project, nothing too complicated and a bit of fun. If you would like to attempt this project send me a mail so I can go through the details with you.

As soon as I get access to a scanner I will scan a copy of the form that has to be filled and submit it to the forum,

If you are interested, drop me a line!




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Does this form exist on your computer as a form?  I.e., is it something that gives you fields you can tab between?  If so, then you could use RoboForm, or KeePass, or one of the many clipboard utilities like ArsClip that have a "form mode" for filling in forms.

If you start with a blank screen, you could still use a clipboard utility, or (probably, as I haven't tried it) Mouser's Form Letter Machine here at DonationCoder?


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