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MSN messenger update or DIE

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so basically is there any way to circumvent the update pop up i get when i try to login?

Search for a fix at (Scroll down for relevant posts on this issue).

i used the win2k compatibility mode trick and works like a charm
go to %programfiles%\msn messenger\msnmsgr.exe and set it to win2k compatibility mode.

I might write an automated patcher, if there are enough requests... 2 requests to go :P

the compatibility trick does indeed work like a charm! thank you

It's a pretty nasty thing of Microsoft to do, no way to log on using a vanilla MSN 7.5 anymore, must upgrade to their LIVE crap >:( :tellme:

Funny enough miranda still works like a charm :) - I wonder if they're going to obfuscate the MSN protocol, though, those bastards >_<


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