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Living Room / Re: Flowchart and Diagramming Review
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:07 PM »
Ive just added a couple of free flowcharting apps in the sandbox, but I couldnt initially edit the freeware section - no "edit link" appeared (this on many occasions bar one).
That was using maxthon - in desperation I changed to opera and voila , now I have a regularly appearing edit link for the freeware section.
Question - "diagramming review" - does this imply you're covering mind mapping software (eg "inspiration") as well.
Suggestion for review: Some software allows for uploading/downloading diagrams to your pda (inspiration, plus some pda platform sw, in conjunction with visio(?) ) ... is that worth a mention in your reviews?

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA?: PDF to DOC/HTML/RTF/TXT
« on: November 08, 2005, 04:36 PM »
pdf to html at   - freeware, command line
pdf to text at - freeware, converts to text only which may limit usefulness depending on pdf content
PDF Image extraction Wizard at - freeware. Not sure exactly what it does.

thanks Carol, will start following that up tomorrow. She who must be obeyed has pointed to the time :)


My photos are stored on the hd in directories named by date. I copied a dvd's worth of directories, then deleted from the hd. Then told imatch to update the file locations in its database.
Assuming all the thumbs are in the one imatch database directory (they better be!!!), its a total db files size of 36Mb. That's a lot, but I guess its the price needed to be paid for the immediate access to the thumbs.


Ive got a dvd filled with images, plus a few hundred meg of "pending" images on my hd. I can see thumbs of all my images (without dvd inserted), wherever they might be without loading any external media.
If I try to open an image by clicking on the thumb, if the image is on a dvd, Im prompted to insert the relevant dvd.
Hope this helps.

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