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Wolf7, you can turn off system sounds while recording using total recorder. From their help file:
"System sounds
To prevent system sounds from interrupting your recording, check "Turn off sounds assigned to system events". This is the default and the recommended setting. Your system sounds will return when you close Total Recorder."

General Software Discussion / Re: Total Recorder
« on: November 20, 2005, 04:13 PM »
A bit of a view of total recorder - sorry about the lack of annotations at this stage.
Its quick and dirty cos Im supposed to be working ....

thanks re flowers. Should have said my name is Tony btw.
Like your pics too Carol - as well as the coutryside you're camping in.
Can see turning into a defacto art gallery at this rate:)

This is fun, though I wouldn't say its a big time saver for publishing. I resampled the images in another program, then used a compression program to get suitable file sizes. That left the main point of jetphoto to take care of the online viewing experience.
So far Ive done an album of where I go camping and a flowers one, the former letting jetphoto do everything, the latter with me doing what I outlined above. Its at for what its worth

I had no trouble (I thought) installing the server, but I couldn't get WebSync to connect to the server in test mode.
Tried Web Ready, their other recommended method and ftp'ed the files and it worked like a charm. So its a no hassle system (I didnt read any manual as usual).
I did feel a little out of control - eg adding folders to make an album, letting Jetphoto resize the images - kept wondering where stuff was being stored, was there any file optimization taking place etc. That's tomorrow's chore, to see where stuff has ended up on my h/d.

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