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Living Room / Re: Looking for "Smart"watch Recommendations
« on: March 06, 2019, 05:07 PM »
I purchased an amazfit bip about 5 months ago, after seeing it mentioned by, I think, 4WD.
Use it with an android phone (galaxy S8). I used to use a samsung gear watch - that now sits in a drawer, because I got sick of needing to charge it so frequently.
 I wanted it to map tracks, water tanks, gates on a sheep station. Too old/lazy/disinterested to take note of the fitness capabilities of the watch.
I'm very happy with it:
1. battery matches the claims made. I don't even think about charging it, until every now and again, I think "strewth, been a while since charging". Typically, I've still got >30% battery remaining.
2. GPS accuracy has been excellent. I've compared tracks from the watch and a dedicated gps tracking device and they closely agree. Does require a 3rd party app to be able to extract the route tho.
   I can't say whether that implies the fitness "stuff" is therefore accurate or not.... maybe it does for cycling, but not walking.
3. Notifications work fine.
4. Screen viewability in the sun is good.
5. Cost was great.

1. For MY use, I need a 3rd party app. From memory, about $3
2. extracting route info sometimes a bit fiddly. If I used it daily, this would disappear, but as it is, I do this "mapping"  on an irregular basis.


Post New Requests Here / Re: Folder Organizer/Sorter
« on: January 14, 2019, 04:34 PM »
Idea from a non-programmer, based on 7zip's ability to list contents of (at least) zip files using CLI...
1. AHK calls 7zip and gets archive contents written to a temp text file (maybe AHK can read 7zip output on the fly, I don't know)
2. AHK parses text file and takes required action

Here's a batch file I came across which caught my eye
@Echo off
call :Logit >> %LOGFILE%
exit /b 0

7z l


No worries, and again, thanks. Meanwhile, I'll try thinking about how to change my approach to conform to AudioMarker.

Thanks for getting back to me.
In the import files list in my screenshot, you can see several mp3 files I've imported. Each is for either one word or a short phrase.
To get to the state you see in the screenshot, I:
1. Imported the media files
2. Typed a native phrase
3. Typed a Foreign phrase
4. Highlighted  "vietnamese_and_you.mp3 in the import media list
5. Clicked "Add To List.

I was expecting to see info for "Track" and "File" filled in, in the relevant columns after step 5.
I was expecting that I'd be able to click on the arrowhead to the left of the "and you" line in the list and the mp3 would play after step 5.

Maybe your program doesn't work like this, I don't know and was asking.

Hi Stephen, just started trying out your program - looking interesting!
Rather than have long audio file(s), I have very short individual audio files for single words and phrases. I imported about 20 or so files.
I'm having difficulty getting the audio set up ... the only way I seem to be able to get the name of the audio file into the list under "File" is by typing it, and typing the time as 00:00. This can't be right because having done that, if I click on the what looks like a play button at left of the list, nothing happens.

Would it be possible to be able to highlight a media file from the "import media" list and get it entered into the "main" list, with the track time (which I assume is the start time, not duration) set to 00:00 automatically...sort of drag and drop?

Maybe this stuffs up the direction in which you're trying to proceed, in which case, no problem. My usage is as a vocab learner, with emphasis on the sound of individual words (Vietnamese - getting tones right critical)

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