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What do you have listed under Help / Product Management Center for the various components?

Mine now says: (Can Use 29 days)
Egads! Mine says 24 days. Not good. I was starting to get quite partial to this suite too.

I didn't do anything special...on first use I put in my name, then that seemed to be the end of it. It doesn't indicate any time limit that I can see,
and in the about screen, says simply that it's licensed to me.

Sounds good in theory but....
to install the coord program I need to install the net 3.5. To install the net 3.5 I need to install windows installer 3.1.
Now the WI3.1 has a rather endearing habit of semi-installing - it gets to the apparent end of the process and gleefully announces "Access denied" and then offers a partial rollback (I assume, as its parting words, after indicating it was removing setup files, are to the effect that WI3.1 has sortof been installed and might not work) BTW, I'm logged on with admin rights.
A reboot later (thanks for letting me know so I could save other stuff first) and I'm no better off - Net 3.5 still won't install. So the coords program won't install.
thanks for the advice anyway though.

that looks really good cbbibleboy and I'd love to try it, but after 4 attempts I can't get it to install (I enter some sort of net framework hell)

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