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I really looked forward to Fred's newsletter. Then after the "merger", reading windows secrets was nowhere near as good (for me). It seemed like rather than reading 100% of the content, I only read something like 60% of it.
Now I'm really fearful of history repeating itself - I want a newsletter for which I find 100% of it interesting and wish Gizmo was staying unchanged.

 with KO you can use insert objects and use "fx equation" for maths formulae. As an ex-word/equation editor user, I have to say that after initial reluctance to change from equation editor, I'm more than happy with fx equation. See if you're interested

Today I emailed the Kingsoft Office for clarification of pricing. Here's the reply:
Hi Tony,
Thank you for your email.
 I firstly would like to apologise over the confusion surrounding the versions of KSO and their pricing structures.

*   The version currently downloadable from the website is KSO07 and is provided as a 30 day trial.
*   We are on the verge of releasing (should be next week) our next generation product KSO09 that will be provided as a 100 day trial with a price of around $50US thereafter.
*   Late July/early August , we will release a totally free personal version of KSO09. Yes free. The personal version does not run macros/VBA.

It is more than possible to download the current trial, upgrade to KSO09 and then convert to the free version, allowing you to continue to use KSO for free.
KSO09 will include support for the new Microsoft Office formats and for the open standard odf formats allowing totally compatibility between products as well as inline-spellchecking and a host of new features.
There is currently a free version of the previous KSO in Chinese language only called WPS and is available to download here.
So to clarify.

Currently KSO is provided as a trial version.
In August there will be free versions of both English and Chinese KSO suites.
If you wish to purchase them for use of extended business functionality such as VBA then the price is around $50US

When I uninstalled, I was "taken" to a page on the MLO website, where I was asked questions re uninstall. Amongst them was a question asking about pricing - I said I could only afford about $30 and that was not meant to be indicative of the value of their software as I thought it very good. There were indications on the page that they would respond to this, but they must have thought I was a cheapskate/freeloader or something, because I never heard from them again.

As I'm in the process of selling my house, then going overseas for 3 months, I felt the need for something like this.
My Life Organized looked great and seemed to sync effortlessly with my ppc too. But $77.95 for the pro edition (to be able to sync) was way above my budget.

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