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Thanks for your reply Darwin - sorry I took so long to reply, but out of the blue, my mouse just stopped working (all mice that is) and I got distracted.
 I read a few threads, but my question seemed to cross several - eg pdf creation, desktop searching - and as I'd never seen a simple answer (leave aside evernote) to the scan/search question, decided to ask it in a new thread.

I've been looking to scan  and convert to pdf lots of receipts, statements etc and then index their CONTENTS. Innocently, I thought that would be simple, as X1, Copernicus et al say they index pdfs, jpgs etc. and I've a couple of print to pdf softwares (primo, dopdf)
None of the indexers seem to make it clear up front tho that they only index the file names, not the content of jpg/image files. (or have I got that wrong?)

For pdfs, it seems rather trickier eg, if I create a pdf using dopdf using a word doc as source, contents will be indexed. If I create the pdf using dopdf from an image, the contents won't be indexed.
 (Probably if I use acrobat pro to create the pdfs it will work?)
What does get indexed depends on the search software too, as I discovered using both X1 and Copernicus

So, my question is, please: what's a simple, reliable, cheap way to create pdfs from a scanned doc whose CONTENTS are searchable by X1 or Copernicus or GDS

General Software Discussion / Re: Kingsoft Office
« on: September 28, 2008, 10:04 AM »
My school uses ms office 2003 to send daily bulletins and assorted info. I used to use it, mostly using excel, so I had a fair few spreadsheets I used. Then I changed to Kingston 2007 and couldn't be happier from compatability and general ease of use points of view. Yksyks... I've never seen any ads so dunno where the ones you refer to come from.

Living Room / Re: IRLDD Down Under
« on: September 03, 2008, 10:25 PM »
Nice idea, but too far for me (I'm in adelaide when I'm home)

Living Room / Re: gratis Chromatic Puzzle
« on: August 24, 2008, 09:01 PM »
Last night, I couldn't save a .75 completed puzzle, tried today with a different one and I could. To avoid losing several hours messing about, I'd check the "save as" button b4 I was too far into a game

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