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Yep, all "the junk" is, I assume, to allow for pasting straight to the toolbar. I abandoned that, and, following your idea, I've got it mostly working.

Thanks for your patience Darwin...
anyway, using your screenshot, plus the function(?) definition I set up as per image, then dragged onto toolbar. That gave me a button ok, but results in "can not find <?xml blah blah."
Made a lot of progress by getting rid of all the junk lines wrapping the actual command and just pasting that into the command editor in dopus. Now I've a button that runs teracopy, but I now just need to see how to pass arguments.
Your screenshot was good thanks Darwin-showed me just where to play.

In my version of teracopy, when I do as you say, it says "read how to add Copy and Move buttons to the Directory Opus" as a label next to the button you're referring to. Clicking it, opens a text file with the code I quoted, plus the customize/paste etc dopus instructions which I can't get to work.

Teracopy adds its own buttons into Dopus. Open up Teracopy via the start menu, click on "More" (this will expand the window) then click on "Menu" and select "Options". You should see "Directory Opus" in the lower part of the dialog that appears. This will add two buttons to your toolbar, one for copying and the other for moving files.

Does this acheive what you're after, or have I missed the point? Hope it helps!

Thanks Darwin! Here's what I'm trying to create a button  for:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<usercommand backcol="none" textcol="none">
<tip>Copy files with TeraCopy</tip>
<function type="normal">
<instruction>%ProgramFiles%\TeraCopy\TeraCopy.exe Copy *{allfilepath|filem} {destpath}</instruction>

Using dopus v8, I can't for the life of me add buttons to the toolbar. I've followed the steps as shown in the dopus forums but nothing seems to happen.
ie .
1. Copy code
2. Settings/customize
3. Rightclick on toolbar/paste

The dopus forum post was from may 2007 so should apply to my dopus version. I'm posting here in preference to there cos the help's the best here plus I know there are dopus experts here.
So...any idea what (stupid thing) I'm doing wrong please?

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