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it says "fragrant tea"...that's bloody helpful huh?

If you were satisfied with a 90 or 270 degree rotation instead of 180 degrees (ie portrait <-> landscape) you could try EEErotate
Although made for eeePCs it works fine on my dell. It uses ctrl-alt-arrow keys

"...but it was good for what I needed it for at the time, and it's here because someone else might have a need for it, too.".
Obviously there are quite a few people to whom that applies.
You gave an honest critique of your "product" and gave a raison d'etre for it. Sounds good to me

 rather than thinking in terms of defeatist personalities (which sounds rather defeatist), I'd suggest you are talking about some personal, core HONESTY that you exhibit spontaneously.

Sorry, Superboyac, I didn't read to the bottom of your linked article, which referred to USBDLM

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