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yes. Except in every photo I take, since I don't want to be in it, I have the camera directly over my head, so looking down, all you see is grey hair unless I edit it out.

Thanks Shades.
What I'm actually interested in tho is whether 3D photos look good or not using the Quest 2.
Obviously, they'd look better than on the Go model, but I'm wondering about other's subjective opinions.
 I'm getting the impression photo viewing has ceased to be much of an attraction for users in general.

I have an Oculus Go (ie very old Oculus) which I use(d) for viewing 3D photos I took throughout SE Asia.
It's great apart from the poor resolution, so I'm thinking of upgrading to the Quest 2.
Bit of a promotion for them atm.
 Can anyone with any experience in this use case (not so interested in gaming) comment on the quality of the 3D photo viewing experience please?

try downloading a track from wikiloc using gpx format. Then when asked about opening file, you would choose osmand to open it. I just tried it - worked easily.
Alternatively, google search:how to open gpx in osmand. You should see:
Download the GPX fils on your "Download" folder of your handset. You can also copy paste them on Android --> data --> net. osmand --> files --> tracks --> import folder. Go to Menu --> Configure Map --> GPX Track (Turn it on) and it will show all the GPX tracks that are in the Tracks folder on your handset.

Osmand is good for roaming around using offline maps and it allows import of gpx and klm tracks
Worked well for me lots of times wandering around unfamiliar cities in Vietnam

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