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Living Room / Re: gratis Chromatic Puzzle
« on: August 24, 2008, 08:34 PM »
The puzzle is created as follows:
- start with an image and cut it into different size/shape tiles like a jigsaw, except the tiles are either square (1x1 or 2x2 in size) else rectangular (1x2 or 2x1)
- for every tile, split tile into its R G B components, thus tripling the number of tiles. Shuffle them.
Now its ready to play.
You are given a full size greyscale image to place the tiles on, as well as a smallish full colour thumbnail as a guide.
Click repeatedly on a "next tile" button to get the next, randomly allocated, tile to place.
Similar to a jigsaw, place the tiles in the correct position (on the greyscale image). You need to place THREE tiles in the correct position (the R, G and B) tho.

If you don't know where to place the tile, drag it somewhere on the image out of the way until you can see where to put it.
Also, you can place one tile on top of another matching tile of a different colour, without them having to be in the correct position on the board.

That's basically it.

Living Room / Re: gratis Chromatic Puzzle
« on: August 24, 2008, 11:35 AM »
Sort of mind-numbingly fun to play, but beware - it may not be possible (it's certainly not apparent) to save incomplete games. That option is greyed out in the version I downloaded today.

Living Room / Re: Show us the View Outside Your Window
« on: August 20, 2008, 08:11 PM »
By way of explanation - I'm on 3 months holiday out of Australia, 2 months of that in Singapore (ma-in-law keeps a room for us at her place)
I just got back here from a month of Europe - england, scotland, france, holland and must say Changi leaves every airport I passed though (I think it was 7) for dead. Cleanliness, crowds, immigration queues, free internet access - singapore leaves them for dead. (Caveat - apart from the budget terminal which is for plebs llike me and for which every expense has been spared)

Living Room / Re: Show us the View Outside Your Window
« on: August 20, 2008, 08:00 PM »
Its down to the call of nature (pun intended) I took that way am I normally up early enough to see the sunrise

Living Room / Re: Show us the View Outside Your Window
« on: August 20, 2008, 07:46 PM »
Here's my view at the moment in Singapore... there's an army of workers hard at work on 4 x 40 storey apartment blocks right in front of the window tho.

I really looked forward to Fred's newsletter. Then after the "merger", reading windows secrets was nowhere near as good (for me). It seemed like rather than reading 100% of the content, I only read something like 60% of it.
Now I'm really fearful of history repeating itself - I want a newsletter for which I find 100% of it interesting and wish Gizmo was staying unchanged.

 with KO you can use insert objects and use "fx equation" for maths formulae. As an ex-word/equation editor user, I have to say that after initial reluctance to change from equation editor, I'm more than happy with fx equation. See if you're interested

Today I emailed the Kingsoft Office for clarification of pricing. Here's the reply:
Hi Tony,
Thank you for your email.
 I firstly would like to apologise over the confusion surrounding the versions of KSO and their pricing structures.

*   The version currently downloadable from the website is KSO07 and is provided as a 30 day trial.
*   We are on the verge of releasing (should be next week) our next generation product KSO09 that will be provided as a 100 day trial with a price of around $50US thereafter.
*   Late July/early August , we will release a totally free personal version of KSO09. Yes free. The personal version does not run macros/VBA.

It is more than possible to download the current trial, upgrade to KSO09 and then convert to the free version, allowing you to continue to use KSO for free.
KSO09 will include support for the new Microsoft Office formats and for the open standard odf formats allowing totally compatibility between products as well as inline-spellchecking and a host of new features.
There is currently a free version of the previous KSO in Chinese language only called WPS and is available to download here.
So to clarify.

Currently KSO is provided as a trial version.
In August there will be free versions of both English and Chinese KSO suites.
If you wish to purchase them for use of extended business functionality such as VBA then the price is around $50US

When I uninstalled, I was "taken" to a page on the MLO website, where I was asked questions re uninstall. Amongst them was a question asking about pricing - I said I could only afford about $30 and that was not meant to be indicative of the value of their software as I thought it very good. There were indications on the page that they would respond to this, but they must have thought I was a cheapskate/freeloader or something, because I never heard from them again.

As I'm in the process of selling my house, then going overseas for 3 months, I felt the need for something like this.
My Life Organized looked great and seemed to sync effortlessly with my ppc too. But $77.95 for the pro edition (to be able to sync) was way above my budget.

What do you have listed under Help / Product Management Center for the various components?

Mine now says: (Can Use 29 days)
Egads! Mine says 24 days. Not good. I was starting to get quite partial to this suite too.

I didn't do anything special...on first use I put in my name, then that seemed to be the end of it. It doesn't indicate any time limit that I can see,
and in the about screen, says simply that it's licensed to me.

Sounds good in theory but....
to install the coord program I need to install the net 3.5. To install the net 3.5 I need to install windows installer 3.1.
Now the WI3.1 has a rather endearing habit of semi-installing - it gets to the apparent end of the process and gleefully announces "Access denied" and then offers a partial rollback (I assume, as its parting words, after indicating it was removing setup files, are to the effect that WI3.1 has sortof been installed and might not work) BTW, I'm logged on with admin rights.
A reboot later (thanks for letting me know so I could save other stuff first) and I'm no better off - Net 3.5 still won't install. So the coords program won't install.
thanks for the advice anyway though.

that looks really good cbbibleboy and I'd love to try it, but after 4 attempts I can't get it to install (I enter some sort of net framework hell)

General Software Discussion / Re: Software for use with scanner?
« on: June 03, 2008, 07:10 PM »
Scan2pdf - donationware - at http://www.koma-code...;id=39&Itemid=82

General Software Discussion / Educators/Teachers software...
« on: May 29, 2008, 05:42 PM »
Reading Superboyac's post mentioning using Fullrecall in a maths class reminded me of an idea...
Would it be useful to have a thread with teacher's subjects and the software they commonly use and like recorded.
Useful to:
- get ideas conveniently
- easily see who it might be worth pm-ing to suggest or ask stuff

eg .. I teach senior maths in a high school.
Daily use Notateit Pro with a IWB, and use primopdf to convert the IWB pages to pdfs which I put online.
Use Geogebra frequently for displaying stuff, especially in intro diff calc
Use efofex software for embedding equations, graphs etc in word documents - in preference to the built in equation editor.
(Could even have links and a comment about what the software is for if you're not feeling lazy!!. I'll edit this post if anyone cares - at the moment, I'm just canvassing an idea)


Carol, agreed... I'm thinking more of situations where company X  (or an individual, as in an ebay seller perhaps) simply isn't geared up to shipping overseas for their own reasons.
In the case I was actually considering myself, the item is available for sale in Australia at approx 3 times the usa price and that's like a red rag to a bull for me. My moral point of view: if I'm allowed to go to the usa phsically and purchase, they ought let me purchase by letter/fax/phonecall/internet/intermediary. Hmmm... what if I emailed them a purchase request using an american accent?

As I mentioned, one company does this for Singaporeans (I don't know their fees). Seems there's an opening for an entrepreneur here (Heidi, where are you?)

Living Room / Shipping outside USA not an option - workaround?
« on: May 25, 2008, 07:41 PM »
Frequently, companies such as Amazon don't offer shipping outside the USA for a variety of reasons.
 (example: I want to buy a scanner from there but they won't ship this item to australia)
I know there's a company that will provide a USA shipping address for Singaporeans and forward goods to them, but don't know of anything similar for Australia.
Does anyone know?
Failing that, is there a regular DC member who would consider acting as a trans-shipment point for a reasonable fee? I'm not 100% committed to the purchase yet - finding out whether I've any options at this stage.

Living Room / Re: Digital Camera Help
« on: May 25, 2008, 01:36 AM »
I recently bought a SP-560UZ and am happy with it. I haven't had time to explore many of its possibilities yet, but so far so good in basically point and shoot mode.

Sadly, I think Occam's razor suggests forgetfulness/incipient senility

Thanks Merle1. Try as I might I can't recall downloading GT from GTOD. Maybe, with your and others assistance, I've just proved that I'm getting senile.
I'll work on the basis that it did come from there, thus avoiding having to decide whether to pay for it or not.

Did you reboot between seeing the "30 day evaluation period" text and the "Registered to GAOTD" text ?

That's what my common sense tells me too Curt, but:
- why would it come up initially as saying I had a trial period of 30 days?
- once uninstalled, GOTD offerings aren't supposed to be able to be re-installed (tho I accept it's the norm for programs to leave junk behind after uninstallation)
So once gone, it should re-incarnate as an unregistered version, especially as I used a normal installation package yesterday

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