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General Software Discussion / Accessing articles from many pdfs
« on: August 31, 2023, 07:39 PM »
I download and keep a newspaper, pdf format, text searchable, each day.
I have 2 pieces of software  for doing a key word or phrase search on the year's collection of pdfs.
 My problem though, is that this is not sufficient for keeping track of just some articles on a particular I can locate all articles on renewable energy, but only really am interested in 5% of them.
So I want to end up with a list of links, preferably with comments, which allows me to link to relevant pdf articles.
I don't want to do heaps of copy/pasting into a notes database

Three approaches spring to mind:
1. A sticky notes program which would allow for attaching a note to a specific page in a given pdf, and being able to use the sticky notes s/ware to be able to search its database of notes
2. Bookmarking articles or pages in the pdf and then somehow extracting all bookmarks from all pages and using some other (unknown to me) s/ware to manage those. ChatGPT suggested a python routine/script to me to extract bookmarks but it's over my head
3. Some info management s/ware which allows for linking to specific locations in local pdfs. I saw that excel allows this if you use acrobat and within that, copy the page number. I use PDF-xchange and can't seem to do that.

Probably there's a better way, as I'm sure this is not a unique want. Any ideas would be appreciated.

General Software Discussion / Does this "blog/shared notes" exist?
« on: February 12, 2022, 03:52 AM »
2 people, one old, other young mother. Old won't be around many more years, fine with computer, has a paid web hosted account.
Mother fine on android phone, not really interested in computers.
 to easily create a (roughly daily) record of new vocab, behaviours etc of 2 year old child for long term viewing within the family only, using android/windows s/w (NO apple)
1. MUST be able to easily retrieve the data (to text files preferably) at a later date when old person (me) gone
2. Both people must be able to independently "post" the info - probably like daily thoughts. Her thru android phone, me thru either android phone or computer
3. In the past I've set up wordpress blogs, with ability to email posts to blog. But I'm ruling out wordpress as the mother won't be able to extract the posts from the wp database
(I know it's possible, but it won't get done if I'm not around)
4. prefer to use my hosted service for safety. I do have a (new) synology NAS but I don't know enough about it yet to know whether it might provide part of a solution
5. I don't trust commercial online services, so not looking in that direction. I want more control/ownership of the files
 Suggestions would be appreciated thanks

I'm wanting to purchase a hammock for camping here in Australia, but have been told by the USA online store that they will ONLY ship to USA RESIDENTIAL addresses.
Neither to Au addresses, nor to "USA warehouse addresses" as used by trans-shipping companies.
Anyone have any ideas of how to get around this?
 An Amok Draumr hammock for anyone curious.

Living Room / Good or bad password?
« on: May 11, 2016, 08:17 PM »
First, thanks in advance to any or all responders.. I'll read with interest the comments but probably not add anything to the discussion.
Also, hope it won't engender the controversy my last question caused!!
Q: Is "Remember to pay gas Aug 14" a good, as in secure, password? I know it's good as in useability because I can hide it in plain sight (eg google calendar)

Living Room / Remember Alice's restaurant?
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:21 PM »
Browsing the City of Oakland's website, as one often does in moments of boredom, I came across this chappie.
Most peculiar assortment of crimes.... could anyone from California shed some light on the last listed crime please?

Living Room / Greatest shipping ripoff ever?
« on: December 15, 2012, 04:50 AM »
 Summer's here, time to get out my old small underwater camera. Needs a new O ring (like a rubber band) for the small watertight enclosure.
Great, on sale via Amazon for $9.95. Better place an order. Great (2), finally an item that they will allow shipping to Australia. Here I was thinking North Korea has less restriction on goods that can be purchased from Amazon... must be getting paranoid.

 Anyway, on to checkout. Wait a mo, this can't be right! I'm ordering a 1 oz (guesstimate) rubber band, and the shipping is $72 - AUSTRALIAN ONES, not cheap US ones.
$72 to send a rubber band to australia. In  their defence, it's expedited shipping. On the other hand, that's the only bloody choice offered.

Living Room / my website hijacked
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:57 PM »
I have a website at
If I point at an image, which is supposed to link to, I see this address in the status bar. However, clicking the image takes me to :

I'm sure this arises from me originally adding an htaccess file, making the default somefile.html instead of default.html or index.html.
I set the permissions to 644. In the last few days, this file got changed (not by me) and hence the current problem.

 Ive deleted the htaccess file, I've tried replacing it with first a blank htaccess file, then a file with just a redirect for 404 errors, in case blank htaccess files didnt even get "looked at". However none of these fix the problem of redirection to a russian domain.
If I search for "worumba" in google, one of the returned links shows as www.worumba.stuff, but clicking it takes me to

My 2 obvious questions are (a) how to fix this mess and (b) since the problem originated with my htaccess file (I think), what permission apart from 644 should I have used to prevent this happening in the future?
Thanks for reading this

Living Room / How to report wikipedia error?
« on: November 11, 2011, 06:23 AM »
After hunting around for 20 minutes, and reading lots of text describing contacting wikipedia, I'm still none the wiser about how to report an error in one of their bios.
 Can anyone tell me, or even better, is their a wikipedia heavy out there who could make a simple fix for me please?

I'm seeing, on Tsai Chin's (蔡琴)  page ( , that she died today. (11/11/11). No reference to it in the asian newspapers Ive checked, so I think it's wrong. It would make it to the front page of the singapore straits times if it were true for example. And I hate seeing it there - it's freaking me out - as her music means a lot to me .

Living Room / Hats off to USPS for innovative tracking scheme...
« on: April 08, 2011, 07:03 PM »
Having ordered a product from the USA (to AU), I was expectedly interested in being able to track progress of said item.
I was provided with a USPS tracking number from the supplier, but it didn't seem to work. On querying, the response was:
Please note that the tracking number provided is not very good since USPS International tracking numbers are recycled.  In addition, the tracking number provided does not actually go into affect until it reaches the final destination so you cannot tell where the package is while in route.

Let me guess...if you opt for premium shipping, they won't deliver your parcel?

 As a beginner in java programming, one of my biggest hassles seems to be trying to keep track of pairs of braces, especially now I've gone past classes of 1 screenful of code.
I'm using Geany (Linux, text editor) - I'm aware of IDEs, but my main point is just techniques/suggestions from experienced coders to save me having to wait to see compile errors which indicate I've stuffed up the braces yet again

Java / Beginner's dumb question ...
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:30 AM »
I have defined a class called Products (attached file)
The class has a method getNumInStock() to return the numbers in stock for any Product object I've created
I have made 2 objects called sprocket and wrench and can set the numbers of each in stock using a driver program.

My problem:
Add a method to the Product class called compareTo which takes a parameter specifying
another product- and returns an integer satisfying the following conditions:
0     if this product has the same number of items in stock as the other product
< 0   if this product has fewer items in stock than the other product
> 0   if this course has more items in stock than the other product

Fine, except from inside this new method, I can't retrieve the numbers in stock of objects. My effort at doing so is in line 41 of the attached file.
If any knowledgeable person is masochistic enough, or altruistic enough to explain how to do this, I would be really greatful.

When I try to install the sun jdk in ubuntu 9, it seems I get the jre package to be installed first / as well.

The files download, but then I get a licence agreement displayed, seemingly in the terminal window.

But there is no option to accept the agreement.
I've tried pressing return, the space bar, clicking on the [OK] within the agreement. Nothing has any effect -
except closing the terminal window, which then stops the installation.

There MUST be a simple thing I'm not doing or doing wrong. Plz help!

Living Room / Help needed from USA to buy a book. - CLOSED
« on: March 23, 2010, 11:46 PM »
A plea for help...
One of my ex-students (a migrant, no family support) is doing 1st year uni and needs a java text book
(Big Java, 3rd edition by Horstmann).
Cheapest in australia (new) is $137
I see I can get a near new copy from an amazon seller for about $US17, plus postage, which shud come to a LOT less than $137.
BUT the seller only ships to the USA.
Is there a kind DC member from the USA who would be prepared to take delivery of the book if I buy it, then re-ship to australia, after I'd "paypalled" them shipping costs?
Please PM me if anyone would.

 Is there a simple piece of software (AHK maybe) which will draw a horizontal bar on the screen, level with the cursor, so help reading long lines of text in large articles?
 The idea would be to slowly move the cursor down the screen as you read, with the horizontal bar also moving accordingly.

Living Room / Simple problem, is there a simple answer?
« on: December 23, 2009, 04:52 AM »
When I startup win xp, clicking (left or right) items in the taskbar or system tray has no effect. Pressing C-A-Delete will then allow normal clicking on the taskbar and system tray.
 This behaviour may recur later, with a similar fix.
 Apart from latest firefox update, no software installed immediately before the behaviour appeared, about 4 days ago, when I was holidaying in Vietnam (could that be a relevant factor??????)
 My first thought, rationally or otherwise was virus/malware/??? - my school, who own this computer and insist on McAfee have, in their wisdom, somehow disallowed scan on demand, so I can't easily scan for a problem.
 Maybe it's something else, but I can't see any "unusual" processes running from the task manager (to my untrained eye that is)
Thanks for any help

Living Room / Jessica Williams track wanted ...
« on: November 04, 2009, 03:46 PM »
I would really like to get hold of the track "Midnight Sun" from Jessica Williams' album High Standards (1996).
Its available at Emusic, but not to me. Would happily pay / trade (assuming that's legal - if not, wouldn't even think of doing it).

Living Room / Cucumber truck hits buffalo near jumping crocs
« on: July 28, 2009, 09:32 PM »
A news headline at the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commision) news site.... just a run of the mill daily occurrence in the Northern Territory

Living Room / Gimme a drink mate ... pic
« on: March 09, 2009, 04:58 AM »
Sort of follow up to a pic that became fairly famous. It gets hot in Adelaide in summer for everyone (highest 115F, average max 90 in january) which explains the pichey_gimme_a_drink_mate.jpg

Living Room / Volvo Round the World Race - virtual
« on: January 18, 2009, 05:39 AM »
Any one else sailing this leg of the round the world race?
For those not in the know, its a virtual race run in parallel with the real thing. This leg from Singapore to Qingdao
Contestants steer, choose sails according to wind and course. Your position updates every 10 minutes and there are 124000+ contestants.
URL is, its not to late to enter (free) if its the sort of thing that interests you.
I'm Flying Bee in case there are others here sailing

General Software Discussion / Mockups ...
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:00 PM »
Noticed in a recent post a mockup of an app which I liked the look of (the mockup, not the app) (Found it here)
Followed up on it and found Balsamiq Mockups
I'm sure there are lots of uses for this apart from software and internet developers.

For "do gooders" (their phrase) and various others, they'll give a free licence. I was given one on the basis that I'm an educator (antithesis of a do gooder?)
Example mockups here.
[attach = #1][/attach]

Living Room / Grey desktop - how to?
« on: November 20, 2008, 05:30 PM »
When I am about to shut down my computer, the desktop ie all things on it including shortcuts, images etc, fade to grey. Is there a simple way of having the desktop always greyscale?

Using dopus v8, I can't for the life of me add buttons to the toolbar. I've followed the steps as shown in the dopus forums but nothing seems to happen.
ie .
1. Copy code
2. Settings/customize
3. Rightclick on toolbar/paste

The dopus forum post was from may 2007 so should apply to my dopus version. I'm posting here in preference to there cos the help's the best here plus I know there are dopus experts here.
So...any idea what (stupid thing) I'm doing wrong please?

Living Room / How to enter code???? :)
« on: October 07, 2008, 06:22 PM »
I'm trying to register at a forum, but there's this message. How do I make the letters go in a curve?

I've been looking to scan  and convert to pdf lots of receipts, statements etc and then index their CONTENTS. Innocently, I thought that would be simple, as X1, Copernicus et al say they index pdfs, jpgs etc. and I've a couple of print to pdf softwares (primo, dopdf)
None of the indexers seem to make it clear up front tho that they only index the file names, not the content of jpg/image files. (or have I got that wrong?)

For pdfs, it seems rather trickier eg, if I create a pdf using dopdf using a word doc as source, contents will be indexed. If I create the pdf using dopdf from an image, the contents won't be indexed.
 (Probably if I use acrobat pro to create the pdfs it will work?)
What does get indexed depends on the search software too, as I discovered using both X1 and Copernicus

So, my question is, please: what's a simple, reliable, cheap way to create pdfs from a scanned doc whose CONTENTS are searchable by X1 or Copernicus or GDS

General Software Discussion / Educators/Teachers software...
« on: May 29, 2008, 05:42 PM »
Reading Superboyac's post mentioning using Fullrecall in a maths class reminded me of an idea...
Would it be useful to have a thread with teacher's subjects and the software they commonly use and like recorded.
Useful to:
- get ideas conveniently
- easily see who it might be worth pm-ing to suggest or ask stuff

eg .. I teach senior maths in a high school.
Daily use Notateit Pro with a IWB, and use primopdf to convert the IWB pages to pdfs which I put online.
Use Geogebra frequently for displaying stuff, especially in intro diff calc
Use efofex software for embedding equations, graphs etc in word documents - in preference to the built in equation editor.
(Could even have links and a comment about what the software is for if you're not feeling lazy!!. I'll edit this post if anyone cares - at the moment, I'm just canvassing an idea)


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