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Living Room / Re: Bloons Tower Defense - Very Well Done
« on: August 21, 2007, 05:58 AM »
1 - it takes far too long to play

your making an assumption that duration is a flaw...

Developer's Corner / Re: Best Language for Employability?
« on: August 13, 2007, 07:53 AM »
Elitist attitudes about using VS, or eclipse are childish in inefficient.
You use the best tool for the job, doing web development, the best tool is VS.NET. Doing java development the best tool for the job would be eclipse with 5 or 6 major plugin's installed. Doing things the 'hard way' is a waste of time and resources.

For learning "C#" and "Java" the language is just a bunch of for loops and OO relationships. To be a C# or Java code monkey, you gotta know the API, and then, to be a productive employee you gotta know the tools.

As for languages to choose for employability... I always just did what i enjoyed, and because its what i love i want to be the best, and so i've always had at least 1, usually 2 contracts going.

so figure out whats fun for you.

Web development? asp,php,flash,ajax

Server development?
ftp, ssh, apache, subversion, all open source so start playing.

Windows Desktop development? all the cool stuff on this site

Graphics programming? directx, opengl, sdl,

embedded systems? - BoEBot great fun.
"javalin" - embedded java programming

pocketpc development?
write apps that interact with gps modules
alternative data entry - "dasher" (again open source)
write apps that interact with rfid tag's, and write your own inventory management app for moving companies...

there are just so many ways to go...

maybe you wanna do some computer science Research, go back to school, work on computer vision, 3d visualization, Voice recognition, voice sythesizers, Darpa great race kinda stuff...

so more than languages or api's, both of which are just tools to get a job done, decide what kinda JOB you wanna do. There are so many jobs out there that if you love what you do, you'll be good at it, and if your good at what you do, you'll probably find yourself a job doing what you love.


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