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  • ... and maybe have an option to showgrid with/without numbers

  • I second the idea of comments in the config (I haven't tried '#' or ';' or '--' or '//' or '/* ... */' )
  • If not transparency, allow us to set the color or (even better) just draw an outline of the new window location (but perhaps let us specify the line thickness.... single pixel lines would be too small).
  • Allow use of a generic MonitorWidth and other variables be used for each monitor, rather than having to replicate/clone Monitor1Width throughout the config.  This would allow the same grid patter
n to be usable on each monitor without having to repeat it in the config.


I've just downloaded this wonderful tool: GridMove.
But I use TweakUI and have 'focus follows mouse' or 'realestate driven' window focus.
It seems that GridMove moves the window with last focus before the mouse-up event,
when what I really want is the window that was in focus during the mouse-down event.

Is this an easy fix?

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