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  • Tuesday May 18, 2021, 7:23 am
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Ooops! :-[ You're absolutely right about the warning on the forum log!

I was in 'trim lines mode' & got carried away...   

:-\ I suppose that

Code: PHP [Select]
  1. if (!isset($search_params['match_mode']))
  2.     $search_params['match_mode'] = empty($_REQUEST['match_mode']) ? '' : $_REQUEST['match_mode'];

is the smallest that snippet can ever get without generating a warning.

Drats!  :o

Our forum is behind a firewall on an intranet & deals with very, very boring stuff, but if we ever have a public side to it I'll post the url, I promise!

Thank you again for sharing your really excellent code!  :D

Thanks a million 'zilla, your search mod is awesome! :D

I was trying to improve on the standard search myself, but got lost somewhere in between regexps & sql statements... I'm well impressed with what you've done in such a short period of time! More than well impressed, actually!  :D

I just couldn't resist modifying some of your code: I changed the following:

Code: PHP [Select]
  1. if (!isset($search_params['match_mode']))
  2.                 $search_params['match_mode'] = empty($_REQUEST['match_mode']) ? 'smart' : $_REQUEST['match_mode'];
  4.         if (!empty($search_params['match_mode']))
  5.                 {
  6.                         switch ($search_params['match_mode']) {
  7.                         case 'whole':
  8.                             break;
  9.                         case 'smart':
  10.                             break;
  11.                         case 'any':
  12.                             break;
  13.                         default:
  14.                                 $search_params['match_mode'] = 'smart';
  15.                             break;
  16.                         }
  17.                 }
  18.         else
  19.                 $search_params['match_mode'] = 'smart';


Code: PHP [Select]
  1. if (!isset($search_params['match_mode']))
  2.                 $search_params['match_mode'] = $_REQUEST['match_mode'];
  4.         switch ($search_params['match_mode']) {
  5.                 case 'whole':
  6.                 case 'smart':
  7.                 case 'any':
  8.                         break;
  9.                 default:
  10.                         $search_params['match_mode'] = 'smart';
  11.         }

then copied it to PlusSearch1. It took me a while to notice that $context['search_params']['match_mode'] != $search_params['match_mode']

... maybe I should have resisted the temptation...  ;D

Thanks again for such a superb search engine. I seriously hope all the smf community try out your mod and realize what they've been missing all these years.

Credit where it's due. Wordzilla, you're a scholar & a gentleman, and I salute you, sir!

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