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HEy no problem, it's a good feeling when you can help improve something u use and like.

I have the lastest version.

I launch it from the quicklaunch.

I'll try launching it a couple of times off the executable, will report later.

P.S: geez what a quick response  ;D

Hi, great program, one of the most uefull pieces of software i've encountered in years!

(ok now that i have your attention, lets go to the problem  ;) )

The problem. Gridmove works correctly only the first time that is isnstalled. After this i get no help file error (the help file is in the directory of gridmove), second (most annoying), most of the templates vanish. All I have left is: 2 part vertical & horizontal, 3 part, 4 part, edge, and dual screen. No others not even the 3part reversed i downloaded here and used the first time i ran the app.

running on Win XP SP2.

Any clues?

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