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Thanks for the thread, guys! I am using Tag2Find at the moment, and am very happy with it. Detalizer also seems to be good (I have not tried it myself). I really do think that the Tags/Metadata need to be integrated in the file itself (Like in MP3s), apart from in a database. With a database, the tags only work on a particular system, and the tags are lost the moment the files are used on a different system or on a network! Does anyone know of such a solution! Thanks again!

Aduna AutoFocus is no longer free and "open source". Does anyone know where the last free version can be downloaded from?

I guess that means no synchronization in the near future :-(. Ah well!!! That would have been too good to be true: Two Near Perfect Solutions, able to communicate with each other :-). I guess, I will simply continue using both separately, until then. Thanks for your quick reply.

BTW: I did a search for Dingo, just to be sure that it wasn't a typo, and came across pictures of a Dog species I did not know about earlier. Every Typos can be very educational :-D

Coming back to the issue of PowerMarks replacement, I think, I have narrowed down my search to LinkMan (offline) & Diigo (online: I was rather reluctant to keep my bookmarks online, but Diigo has been such a perfect replacement for PowerMarks, that I have been won over :-). It offers me more or less all the features, which made PowerMarks such a gem.

This brings me to a query. Is there a way to synchronize LinkMan and Diigo bookmarks, with all the tags intact. I tried a google search, and found a couple of references to this query, but with no satisfactory answer.

Dear Steven,

Thank you very much for your detailed replies to my post. I apologize if my post came up sounding like a complaint. This was not my motive in posting it, and I sincerely am thankful that efforts are being made in developing an application like LinkMan, which are making bookmarking an effecient and easy process, even after PowerMarks gave up the ghost. I was just detailing my frustrations as a PowerMark user in using the software. There are of course a lot of plus points, as well.

Your points, are all well taken.However, kinly allow me to try and explain some of the points I made, which might not have been very clear.

1. No Automatic Suggestions while entering Tags. Here PowerMarks always used to suggest previously entered Tags, as one typed.

Here, I refer to the auto-complete as you type feature in PowerMarks. This is especially useful, to speed up the process, and also for the times, when you end of tagging related URLs differently, as you did not remember which Tags did you earlier use (Eg, from my usage. Academics & Academy). PowerMarks just made the suggestions, it did not force one to use any tag. I found out that it helped me a lot, personally. Such a feature can be kept as an "autocomplete option", to give users the choice of using or not using it. Your method of using the clipboard is a nice one, but seems to be more effective for people who are certainly more organized than bird brained ones like me :-).

2. Folder structure

This was a minor frustration arising out of me not knowing, earlier. how to turn the folder pane off. :-) I was not faulting LinkMan for it, and my apologies to you as well as the Outertech Support people, if it appeared that I was doing so. The WikidPad like Folders would definitely be nice, for navigating via tags (another method is using Tag Clouds), but that is something I have come to like while using WikidPad. I do not necessarily miss it in a bookmarking applications.

3. Duplicates

You have provided a very good example of situations where one might need duplicates, and your suggestion of using an Edit button on the dialog box (which it seems have now been implemented) is an even better solution than simply opening the edit box, without providing any other option.

I wish, and am sure that LinkMan is a great step in the right direction, and am thankful for them listening to us users. I am trying my best to adjust since the loss of PowerMarks by trying out different ways like, Linkstash etc., but found that there have some features which PowerMarks provided that I simply cannot do without, and ended up not using bookmarking at all. LinkMan does give me a hope for the best :-)

Thanks again, Steven, and Outertech.

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