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Hi Mouser,

I re-downloaded the Alpha version some 5 minutes back and tried quick pasting again. It seems to  be working.

Will give it a try tomorrow on this and another PC and post back the results. Thanks for following through so quickly and tenaciously.



Do you mean that you are right-clicking on a clip and then choosing to paste using the template (can you try that and see if it works?)

Hi Mouser,

This is exactly what I am doing. choosing a clip by right clicking and then pasting it using the template.



Oh! I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

I am using the hotkeys for calling the Quick Paste Menu and then selecting the clip I need from the pop up menu.

Tried just the alpha version, after quitting the existing instance.

The template is again being ignored by the program while pasting. The grid is displaying the information, though.

Of course.

The template, I am trying out is as follows:



I did copy the alpha version over the existing setup and overwrote the preexisting files. Will also try with just the alpha version and post the results shortly.

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