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Post New Requests Here / Yet another image viewer
« on: February 04, 2021, 05:03 PM »
  Hi, what I'm looking for is an extremely simple idea. Not sure about the coding (or even if it is necessary).

  I'd like to view a small .png (or.jpg/ .gif/ .bmp) file in a GUI free window (Ie. with no titlebar/ toolbars etc, just a clean 'canvas') via a command line... here's an example call.

c:/programs/picview.exe c:/piccies/picfile.png -200 -400

This will show a scaled version of the file (whatever the original size) in a 200 * 400 window/ canvas. The order of those parameters do not matter to me. Some files will look stupid at that size: the user will have to find the numbers that 'work'.

The gui could be exited by pressing 'escape', or better yet, by pressing it twice.
A left/right mouse click on the picture could be configured to do something useful: to trigger a program such as mspaint to open the picfile. A .ini file could be used for specifying these options.

It would preferably be portable and stealthy (I.e. Zip file download and all settings in the application directory).
I feel sure something like this must already exist, it's just that searching for such a thing is hard. Just about every image viewer has a gui?

Even the presence of a GUI is not a dealbreaker, I just don't want tons of distracting features...

Does anyone know of such a program?

To be honest, I have almost solved this. Just now, I checked on https://cli.portable...m/index.php?q=viewer and found

  • It does resize (stretch) very nicely, I hadn't thought to even ask!
  • It is portable

  • Only works for .png files,
  • It does have a small gui,
  • It may not have command line options, (I haven't checked yet)

So it will suffice for now, (better than zooming out to a custom size in mspaint), but I still think the other features would be really cool...

Thanks in advance...

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Battery indicator in Window Titles
« on: November 06, 2020, 03:01 PM »
Hi folks,
   There are a plethora of different battery indicator thingies out there (power circle and battery cat for example). But the problem with laptops is that you need to remember to ALT-TAB to the program to check the status of your battery -by the time you think to check, the ruddy thing has shut down or hibernated on you.

   What I'm thinking of is something that will print the battery percentage in some form in the title bar of the current active window -it could be appended to the window's title or implemented as a kind of overlay (see Skrommel's TicTocTitle) for an example. In fact, it could even be incorporated as an option in that handy piece of freeware!

   The (almost) ubiquity of the Windows titlebar on most software should ensure that the battery indicator level is foremost in the mind of the user -think of it as subliminal information!

   I hope that is clear and an easy task...

ProcessTamer / Pie-chart of CPU usage.
« on: November 03, 2009, 07:19 AM »
I started this thread elsewhere, here's the link...

Basically, could you provide a Pie-chart of CPU usage, Mouser?  Useful options were discussed in that other thread.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Memory usage pie-charter
« on: October 26, 2009, 10:46 AM »
As you no doubt know, Folder space Pie Chart programs are prevalent, but I'm hunting for a program (or could be a Process Tamer feature, Mouser...) that will draw a pie-chart for memory usage per process / application (with or without System Idle Process). I think the whole world and his/ her dog will appreciate this one...  :Thmbsup:

Maybe have F5 as a refresh hotkey? Sound good to you?

I'm sure it must exist somewhere (I can't be the only one to have thought of it!) So has anyone found such a program?

And there must be other system aspects crying out for similar process-charting. Eg. bandwidth. Sound good to you guys? Any more ideas?

Can change between Red, Amber, Green light in the tray via simple menu.

Red means turn screensaver off indefinitely.
Amber is normal use, screensaver comes on after a given time period.
Green forces screensaver to start within, say, two seconds (useful if you have something like JKDefrag as a screensaver).

The idea is based on saverstarter at but this is a much simpler idea and it has a way to turn off the screensaver without leaving your mouse pointer stuck in one position.

I don't need this app but I'd love it and so would countless other people, I'm thinking!


This could be extended with profiles to allow R-A-G display to change for all manner of user-defined commands

eg. I could create and choose Profile 1 with a 1 in the centre of the traffic light; called 'Num Lock' with
     R=Num lock on          <<--- using something like nircmd, a script or an exe, bat etc.
     A=Start num-lock customization software
     G=Num lock off

These profiles could of course be shared with other users so that even if they don't want to use the screen-saver every day, they might like the num-lock feature.

Drag&Drop Robot / Possible feature request
« on: August 02, 2009, 12:56 PM »
There is a program/ feature suggestion at which I'm sure you'll be interested in, Mouser. To be honest the post is confusing to me at least but it enabled me to remember my suggestion which I posted there (and here -below- for good measure). I hope you don't mind. I'm sure the drag and drop thing would be really difficult but I suggest it as the idea could be beneficial.


My feature suggestion for D&DR, which may exist for all I know, would be for the program to do a hidden "program.exe -?" or  "program.exe -help" or "program.exe --h" or various combinations in order to read the help instructions for the command-line program and then display this info and allow for drag and dropping of the various command line elements (in much the same way Word might allow you to drag and drop textboxes). Or a help file could be automatically read in order to scan the appropriate help-switch and other switches. Think of the possibilities.

Living Room / A better World
« on: February 09, 2009, 04:50 PM »
In my quest to make a better world I hazard this suggestion...

How about an offshoot of the site where we suggest new, no... not software, but new ideas for websites. And to kick it off, I'd like to suggest a "campaigners united" website where people list various campaigns they would like help/ support with. This would work at the international, national or local (even building or room) levels. It's my belief that campaigns would work better if campaigners of all sorts shared resources (and best practice) and this would hopefully be one of those. I'm afraid I don't have web-servers and resources to do the idea credit but I wish someone would take the idea and run with it... If someone else hasn't already thought of it.

I think such a site would encourage people to see other successful campaigns and take heart in the sight of so many other people who haven't just rolled over and ACCEPTED IT (whatever it is) but are struggling to improve the situation. Seeing that the folks down the street are also cheesed off about X should make them feel a little more political and a little less apathetic.

Does anybody out there know if there are any programs out there that can pinpoint the cause of hard-drive activity (probably page-file activity come to think of it). Ie. Software to show the name of the file(s) currently being accessed by a given hard drive.

Just as you can get software like DriveGleam that show read or write activity on the hard drive, it strikes me that it would be nice if the actual file being used could be pinpointed. Any such program might need a slow display mode for multiple files or a logging function.

I'm aware that this is probably not a coding-snack but I feel sure that someone somewhere has probably already produced such a tool (if it isn't in XP already).  Does anyone already know the answer?

Post New Requests Here / Open Containing Folder
« on: October 25, 2008, 01:57 PM »
I have a useful context-menu extension created (with instructions from the web) via a registry key; it says "Open Containing Folder" so that right-clicking a file (or shortcut) and selecting that menu item opens explorer at that folder in the directory structure.

I have often wondered if it would be possible to get similar functionality for program windows - right clicking on the title bar will show an extra menu item: "Locate program" that would open explorer at the containing folder.

Also, by extension, other processes could be listed in a listbox (or better) GUI item and selected to open explorer there (or other file manager of course). I would love to try Skrommelling it (in Autohotkey) but I feel it would almost certainly be beyond me so feel it best to throw the idea out there to your tender mercies!

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