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And no, the purpose of the post above isn't to defend piracy but to help you decide if it's sometimes justifiable or not...

I doubt most crackers use many of the apps they crack.

That's for sure. The scene is not about cracking for yourself, but it's more of a whoever-cracks-more-in-less-time-is-elite game.

The hardcore pirates will pirate even if prices were dropped substantially, probably even if photoshop cost $10.

What do you mean? Being 'hardcore' has nothing to do with still pirating software even if it costs a dollar... All teams did it, do it and will continue doing it, however most focus mainly in the expensive pieces of software.

(No, I'm not associated with all that stuff, I just happen to know people).

Indeed, c4n is a way to get to know that kind of people better... lol ;D

Okay, let's be honest - we all want to use the 'big names' out there. When you think of a good image processor, isn't Photoshop that comes to mind? When you think of a good sound editor, isn't Sound Forge or Cool Edit that comes to mind? How many do you think prefer The Gimp or or Audacity over the aforementioned software? If you guys had both commercial and opensource or freeware or something software for the same task, which one would you use? So, it's a matter of quality. In MOST, not all cases though, you get what you pay for. Those questions are just provided as food for thought.

Hmm I kind of agree with f0dder, WinME was really nasty back then... And I when I really thought that it was my beta not being stable/having driver problems/etc, soon I realised that the RTM product wasn't any better :tellme:

Yeah but don't you achieve the same (or better) results with, e.g. a Canon EOS 5 (which I love so much :-*) or an EOS 1? Why pay such a large amount of money?

Actually, being an owner of lots of both film and digital camers, I strongly support film. In my possession I have:

Nikon Coolpix E950
Nikon Coolpix E990
Olympus Camedia C40
Olympus Camedia C7070UZ
Olympus Camedia C1400L
Canon EOS 300D

and some more, but none of them did impress me, even with really good lenses. Compare the results from cameras such as the Voigtlander Vito B from 1954 and the Leica CL from 1974 with the output of digital ones and you'll immediately see what I mean. There can be no comparison, and probably never will be any. ;D And no, film is nowhere near death.

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