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Mouser's Zone / Re: Ideas i want to bounce off you guys
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:26 AM »
HKLM would be a better place for it, then it can be set in Group Policy as well as Windows Installer. And people wouldn't just steal the key to take home.

And didn't see the date, but it looks like this thread is just as relevant now as a year ago.

Mouser's Zone / Re: Ideas i want to bounce off you guys
« on: December 17, 2007, 05:42 AM »
Just read this thread and I'd like to make one little request about this.

Think about the companies that use your software. They should donate, but if you make it so people have to register, and that registration goes into the program files folder it means that an administrator will have to do it.

If an administrator is forced to log into a pc every 30 days they will soon just say 'no you can't have it'.

I personally have paid for screenshot captor (and therefore everything else on this site) but give it to other people for free as it is useful, nag screens intact. I'm sure that there will be 2-3% of those people will take it home and donate to get rid of the messages.

Companies love freeware but you've either got to say no to them, or allow them to .msi up the file and use it until the next major revision.

You know when you write a long post and then it gives you the inspiration to work out the answer. Well it worked for me and I'm sorry to waste anyone's time.

As it turns out Dos' rename command works fine.

rename NewsTVEiMonday*.mpg NewsTVEiMonday.mpg

Will turn
NewsTVEiMonday 10 12 07.mpg

Making it perfect for generic batch scripts.


Hi helpful and knowledgeable people of DC.

I have a processing problem with the satellite TV that I record here for languages at the university of southampton and it is mostly due to file names.

I have 4 pieces of software

Exterity IPTV http://www.exterity....products_avedia.html
Video Redo
Sorenson Squeeze http://www.sorensonm...ducts/?pageID=1#ppc2
Flash Media Server

I'm trying to make it so I don't have to re-encode 4-8 tv news recordings each day and make things automatic.

All these processes can be made automatic with the use of scheduled tasks and batch files but the names are a problem

Exterity outputs scheduled files as namechannel day month year.mpg
Video redo outputs files as input_fixed.mpg
Sorenson outputs files as input_VP6_1Mbps_Stream.flv

Nearly all of this is fine except for the date. I would need to rename the file namechannel day month year.mpg into 'namechannel.mpg'. Once that is done I can just use the rename command.

One line summary
So is there a program that can rename files that either works by 'rename namechannel*.mpg to namechannel.mpg' or works by saying 'rename namechannel $todaysDay $todaysMonth $todaysYear'.

Many thanks for the help that anyone can give.

Graham Robinson

Backup Guide / Backup4all 3.10
« on: December 10, 2007, 12:44 PM »
I've just had a play with the demo and am about to place an order for this software. I have to say I'm impressed.

+ The include exclude selection and filtering of folders is fantastic
+ The speed of the backup is excellent
+ It doesn't seem to have any problems with my samba share (which plenty of others do)
+ Allows the zip files to be made in a temp file in case you have a slower network connection

I'm sure I'll find some faults as I continue to use it, but I might forget to actually post them :)

Forgot to say
(Discount code doesn't work any more, however the standard and pro version has a $10 discount applied anyway)

General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for reports of folder size
« on: November 19, 2007, 06:56 AM »
I used to use Scanner, but that is visual not textual:

Visual is fine for the moment and that is a great little piece of software. I like the fact you can pass the folder straight to the exe file so it doesn't have to scan the whole system.

Perfect, cheers

General Software Discussion / Looking for reports of folder size
« on: November 19, 2007, 05:42 AM »
Hi all,
I'm a bit of a lingerer here but now I need your help.

I have a server that has a around 40 folders in it. I would like to have a program that would export the file size of the these folders without (or with the option) of not reporting the size of subfolders.

So if I have 10 folders called folder1 through to folder10 I could get a list that says

folder1: 132MB
folder2: 186MB
folder3: 852MB
folder4: 1,875MB

So does someone know of such a thing? The last program I saw like that was Norton Systemworks. But even if I had it I wouldn't want to install a program like that on a Windows server.

Many Thanks

Graham Robinson
Incident Response Team,
University of Southampton

I'm sure that I could throw whatever you have onto a few computer. If you can make the program invisible, I might be able to throw it on few rooms.

A fantastic video, glad you shared it.

I built my first PC about 5 years ago and have enjoyed upgrading parts so that no part is the same as it was when I first bought the thing. From an £85 Antec case to a ATI 1950 graphics card. However I have, in the past month, changed my mind.

My PC is still working, I'm using it now, but I've just spent £850 to buy a new Viglen PC with a 3 year warrentee. The trouble is that every 9 months or so something goes wrong. I've gone through a power supply every year at least and my graphics cards don't seem to last through 3 month hot summer even though that £85 case has more cooling than you can shake a stick at. I even upgraded the graphics fan to an Antec one.

I work as an IT dude in Southampton University. I just can't be arsed to sit at work all day fixing computers to have to come back and sort out mine. I really enjoyed it when it wasn't my day job but when I'm paying out £50 for power supplies I'm just going to pay £30 for (work negotiated) 3 year guarantee.

Build it was fun, and I can do all of the repairs. But I just can't cope with buying the replacement parts, especially when you can't be certain whether the £130 you've just spent on an excellent gaming motherboard was the part that actually broke.


I think I'm nearly the sort of person that you need to reply.

I've had your screenshot capture tool for months, I'm wondering how long it has been out because I have a feeling I used it in my old job two years ago.

Pretty much as soon as I got to your site I decided to donate. However I don't think you made me to come to your site, certainly not early enough.

Reading through what could only be described as your white paper I see that the actual point of that nagging screen that pops up on the task bar was to make me come and get a free 6 month licence. I'll be honest and say I didn't see it. At no point did I even think there was a non-paying way of removing the nag screen.

I have avast and that makes you register for free and I think that unless your software actually stops or delays starting then people won't even notice that you have a free key to give away.

As soon as you get people to your site for that key you will have more people donating to it.

I really like the donation credits idea though. It makes me think that I need to put more money into it to reward different people.

So how could you have got me to donate 12 months ago instead of last week?
- Make me come to your site
-- Make me wait to get into the software for 10-20 seconds until I have the free key
-- Let me know that the key registers me for a hundred pieces of software and not just this one
-- Get the software to tell me that there is a new version available and make me download it from this site

Hope that helps you


Hi everyone.

I donated for the screen shot capture program but have found this little gem.

A feature that would really help my work is that an option under 'explicit rule' could be to force to CPU 0,1,2 or 3.

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