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I just updated my forum, and was very upset to see that the Inline Attachment Modification is no longer on the SMF site.  I understand your problems with SMF, but I just think this is a terrific modification.  Actually, my forum absolutely needs this modification, and my members rely on it!!

Is the modification gone now?  If it's still available, where can I get it?


OK, I'm kind of answering my own question here, but it might be helpful for others to see what I've done.

I've added the "Insert Image" functionality into the "Inline Image Attachments" modification.

So now the menu looks like this in my forum:

Now that I have the "Insert Image" functionality, can someone tell me how to drop the standard "Insert Image" button?


I made some changes to the menu items.  Here's a screen shot of what the menu now looks like in my test forum:

I think this is a terrific modification.

I would really like to replace the "Insert Image" button with a line in the Inline Attachment Modification pull-down menu. In other words, I'd like the inline attachment modification to serve as the place for managing all image attachments.

Can someone explain how to get a command in the Inline Attachment pull-down menu for [i m g] [/i m g] tags?


Last night, I downloaded and installed the modified version and it runs great on my forum!

This is a terrific modification.

But when I use the "inline noimage attachment" option, I get this error:
When I attach the same URL using the "Insert Image" button, it works fine.

I have a couple of responses that I think would help make this modification closer to perfect!  This just my opinion, but some of the pulldown menu options have confusing wording.  May I make some suggestions?
        > "inline display attachment" - fine the way it is
        > "inline fullsize attachment" - fine the way it is
        > "inline thumb attachment" - fine the way it is
        > "inline noimage attachment" - should instead be "inline attachment from URL"
        > "inline noimage attachment (no details)" - should instead be "inline link to attached file"

The problem is, the two "noimage" options actually serve quite different functions, but their names imply they are similar.

I'd love to get rid of the "Insert Image" button and use the "inline attachment" modification for all image attachments.  I think this would be possible, if the "inline noimage attachment" option worked well.

Again, this is a terrific modification!

Looking forward to your response.


Thanks for the help.  So, looking at the code, does it seem that the Ignore User modification is the only issue here?
By the way, I like strange people.  The world would be a terribly boring place without them (or should I say "us").
Thanks again!

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