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FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: SendMessage Plug-in
« on: July 27, 2007, 06:49 AM »
There is more about making your own aliases in the readme, but true i forgot to mention it in my post, thanks Mouse Man :) and thank you for your kind words taichi :)


FARR Plugins and Aliases / SendMessage Plug-in
« on: July 26, 2007, 11:35 PM »
Hi all :)
I have written a new FARR plug-in that will hopefully be of more use to everyone than my last one. The SendMessage plug-in is designed to facilitate control of various third-party applications from FARR. It uses the windows PostMessage api to send standard window messages to the window/dialog of an application you the user specifies by class or title or both. The user also specifies the UINT, wParam and lParam, and thus it can be used to send any form or window message. Currently, its focus is on control of media applications (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000 etc). Please feel free to leave feedback and/or bug reports in this thread. The complete readme is attached, and the plug-in itself can be found here.


* readme.txt (4.14 kB - downloaded 658 times.)

Indeed, finally some competition for those f**king stupid mac vs pc ads.


Selected text IMO also, Allen put it well enough for the both of us i think.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / ExternalSearch
« on: July 18, 2007, 05:54 PM »
This plug-in is designed to facilitate, in a very basic way, integration of external applications with the searching capabilities of FARR. It is designed with programmers in mind to allow for quick and painless integration. With it, you can instruct FARR to perform searches on your application's behalf with a string you specify, via the FARRT library (yes this name is a joke). The complete readme is attached.

PLEASE NOTE: This plug-in, in its current form, is not of any significant use to the FindAndRunRobot user. It is for the programmer wishing to interface his application with FARR. If you have any feature requests etc please let me know. It is my intention to add new ways to interface your program with FARR to this plug-in.

ExternalSearch - Plug-in Only

ExternalSearch - Plug-in w/ source & demo of integration w/ source in C.


It would be an extremely lazy coder making the assumption that the first period in a file name is the start of the extension. All one has to do to be sure they have the extension is count backward from the end of the filename instead of forward from the start. Of course that makes the assumption that there is an extension at all, so it's best to have the length of the filename to count down to, and inform the user if any file they selected is missing an extension where one is required.
The laziness is even more stark given the Path* api, in particular PathFindExtension which do all path related work for you.


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