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Just before Oubliette copies a password to clipboard, it registers itself in the chain, and then does not forward the clipboard notification to the next app in chain. Immediately after that the chain is restored.

This prevents *any* clipboard extender from capturing the clip
Cool!  But it's limited to PROPER clipboard managers. I've seen lots of crappy ones over the year, usually weekend VB projects, that use a polling timer instead of clipboard event notification.  These poorly-written ones could steal the password.
Also, this technique won't work on Vista.

All you ever wanted to know about the Clipboard... :)

That's some seriously defective clipboard handling, and is the sort of thing that can and does cause clipboard chain problems in the first place.  The code on that article does not pass clipboard messages, nor does it handle the WM_CHANGECBCHAIN message.

My article pre-dates this one by a year, and properly explains how to handle the clipboard messaging, as does the SDK.
Also see (clipboard mistakes in general):

To the OP: while a noble idea, your stand-alone app would only notify you if your app were disconnected from the chain, and can't detect breaks further down the line.
Suppose the chain looks like this:

Foobar App
Clipboard Toy

And you launch your monitor, and you have:

Monitoring App
Foobar App
Clipboard Toy

Now Foobar quits, and doesn't remove itself properly.
Now the chain looks like this:

Monitoring App

But you can only see the top of the chain. How are you going to know that the Clipboard Toy is disconnected? You can't.

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