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How about a crumpled up cup with donation coder on the side (like a pan-handler would have), or maybe something that looks like a donation box/can (like Toys for Tots or something), or maybe an open computer case, laid on it's side, with money in it (like an open guitar case that a "street musician" would use).

Finished Programs / Re: DONE - IDEA: Titlebar Clock
« on: November 11, 2005, 03:16 AM »
Houdy all, first post for me... so far I love the site and plan to make it one of my daily visits...

I was about to request a start button clock when I realized skrommel already made one. Only problem is is that I'm also using Windows 2000, and as of now it doesn't work for me either.

I also hate how much room the clock takes up on the right of the taskbar! If you're like me, your taskbar is 2 levels tall, in which case the clock wastes even more space...

Here's my idea, would it be possible to put the time under the start menu? With Windows 2000 when you increase the size of the task bar the start button stays the same size, but it moves up, leaving a completely blank area.

Displaying the date + time there would be cool!

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