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Instead of printing I just take a screen capture when I've ordered something online. I of course use Screenshot Captor to make this process easy.

Thanks mwang! I've installed it, I'll play with it for a while and report back...

Initial impression: it seems to work like I want, sweet!

Screenshot - Tue, Aug 25 , 2_48_47 AM.png

If anyone out there is looking for a CAD software package you should check out Alibre. Full disclosure: I've never actually used the program, but it looks very good. The website has a bunch of videos if you're curious.

The $99 is technically 90% off their regular price of $999, but they have sales for $500 fairly often so this price is really more like 80% off.

Novedge, not to be outdone, is selling it for $89! I imagine this will end on the 31st as well.

I've been just adding a second word as a work around. Usually the second word is something like "a" or "the".

Hmmm... I just got an idea, instead of a word I'll add a symbol (like ' or .) that way the search wont be messed up.

On that token, making the keyword for Google "g" works almost as good. I guess that way you could use "e" for eBay, "w" for Wikipedia, and "7" for (just kidding).

This is probably as good of a time as any to ask this...

One thing that is very cool about Chrome is they have eliminated the stand alone search field and made it so anything (that doesn't follow normal URL rules) typed into the omnibar* gets searched for by the default search engine when you press <enter>. I figure Chrome knows that something typed into the omnibar that doesn't have a domain is NOT a URL so it doesn't waste time polling the DNS. It will also automatically search when multiple words are typed into the omnibar (I'm guessing for the same reason: URLs don't have spaces). Firefox will do the same thing with multiple words, but if you type a single word into the awesome bar and press <enter> it will wait an eternity (10 seconds or so) before searching. I'm assuming Firefox is polling the DNS for that single word with all the common domains after it.

Do any of you know how to make Firefox stop assuming I'm too lazy to type the domain and immediately search using my default search engine?

To put it a different way: if I type "winrar" into the awesomebar Firefox takes literally 10 seconds to open a Google search for the term "winrar". Is there a way to make this instant (without having to also type a search-keyword)?

* I think that's what the address bar is called in Google Chrome

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