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What kind of files are typically found by these types of programs? Like, where do the files come from?

So far I really like the list! I'm going to give several of the programs listed a try (need to get rid of slow stupid adobe acrobat retardedness).

I find it interesting that the author of the article put VLC Player at #5 partly because it doesn't need codecs, then has the K-Lite Codec Pack as #6. I do like the fact that he specificly mentions BSPlayer in #6 though, so that makes up for it.

[edit]CoolMon and Konfabulator are actually NOT similar, I was wrong[/edit]

Man, I gotta try this Total Commander thing! It seems like I'm in Windows Explorer half the time I'm at my comp (which is half the time of my life practically). Win + E is so natural for me I hit it a few times last night when I ment to hit Ctrl + Z...

WOW! I'm glad to see the mass renamers being discussed. I'm using "Rename-It" right now, which does work, but is a little unpollished. I'm going to check out Bulk Rename Utility and 1-4a though. Thanks for the tips!

As for IrfenView and XnView, which one is "better" in y'all's opinion? I'd hate to have some images default to open with one and the rest open with the other.

3) CCleaner (this has become one of my all-time fave apps)
Hmmm... What's CCleaner..? Crap-Cleaner?! LOL (actually)
Sounds like my kind of program! Thanks m_s!

As for my list, it'll be my fav apps that don't need to be installed (say, after a format). I love not having to reinstall stuff!!
  • 1. Beyond Compare (I'm pretty sure this one will keep working after a format) - if you deal wit' new & old files a lot, this is a must have. If you're a member of donationcoder and you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and read this.
  • 2. BSPlayer - it be good video player
  • 3. Exact Audio Copy w/ LAME - perfect CD ripping with very good (and compatible) music encoding (without reinstalling)!
  • 4. mIRC - I *still* haven't tried the competition, but most people agree it's the best IRC client
  • 5. mp3Trim Pro - nice to have around if you ever need to chop an mp3 or 2
  • 6. Pocomail 3 - it's cool to have your e-mail client live through a format (and be ready to use as soon as you have an internet connection), I wonder if "The Bat" needs to be reinstalled...? They've released v 4, but I haven't tried it as I can't afford it, even with their pathetic upgrade discount.
  • 25. Rename-It - renamer app (this one may not have much longer on my comp)... It's got a context menu link that may be hard to get back after a format though.
  • 8. The GodFather - it be good audio managing app
  • 9. Winamp - it's good, if you don't already use it you probably either use one of the "I take over your system" apps like iTunes/Quicktime, RealOne, or WMP or you use foobar2000 (which I just can't get into)
  • 10. WinRAR - How great that it doesn't need to be reinstalled? That way, you can unzip all the drivers and whatnot right away. Just go to the options to restore the context menu settings to get full functionality. (ALZip may take this slot, since it seems to work and doesn't cost money, I wonder if it'll survive my next format.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Worst. Interface. Ever.
« on: December 02, 2005, 06:44 AM »
Rant time....

but i do have to say i have a personal hatred for photoshop interface
I can't say I'm a big fan of Photoshop/Gimp interafaces... could be because I've only used them a couple times!  They just seem to clutter up the screen.
Me too/eitgher. Every now and then I think "hey, I'll use Photoshop instead of Paint Shop Pro, after all Photoshop is better..." then about 3 seconds in, when I can't zoom using the scroll wheel, I realize that it's not worth trying to deal with. Adobe needs to take every one button mouse in their lab and throw them in an incinerator, then they need to have their memories erased Total Recall style. Having to hold a key and click (instead of simply *Gasp* right-clicking) to zoom out is beyond unintuitive.
Another thing I hate, since we're on the subject, is how zoom out in *Adobe* Photoshop is Alt + Click and zoom out in *Adobe* Acrobat is Ctrl + Click... How stupid can stupid Adobe be?
It seems like The Gimp took the stupid aspects of PS and intensified them by taking the main program window away. I don't want to see my web browser behind the image I'm trying to work on.

i'm afraid photoshop users are really just subjects in an mental experiment to see how many hotkeys one person can remember, or how many inconsistent dialogs can a person put up with before they break down.

An Apple representative recently tried to give me QuickTime 7 Pro for free and I declined simply because of the interface.
LOL! Stick it to em! Hey, at least with the Pro version you could maximize the video if you wanted to.

but 6.0 of any of the DivX products makes me feel like I've been lobotomised.  How do I do anything?
HAHAHAHA!!! I've used the 5.2 (or whatever) divx player like once, it wasn't immediately better than BSPlayer (actually, what is?) so I uninstalled/ignored it.

I love skinnable apps! If I don't like the interface I can get a skin to fix it. The old Winamps had this all wrong (winamp 2.x skinning was a HUGE P.I.T.A.!!!!). I don't remember exactly, but the "next track" button was slightly smaller than the rest (in the words of a geek on the Simpsons: "I hope someone got fired over that one"). I think the new one (5.x) has better skinning options though.

here's a screenshot of total commander
Good Lord!

I think I'll throw in my 2¢...
As it seems like ½ my posts have included either The Godfather or BSPlayer, so I'll start with those.
The Godfather - bad interface, awesome program. I wont get into the details, but for me, it seems like it's several apps inside one window. A function you think might be in one "app" is actually in another, other functions are in both.
BSPlayer - The original skin is pretty bad, but the skins "BladeV1.01" and "G20" fix it pretty well.

Nero - I'm sorry, but Nero 6's interface sucks! I don't know how many times I went to burn a DVD only to realize that I forgot to change the tiny CD or DVD drop down menu from CD to DVD. And WHY do I have to
1. start the program
2. close the "New Compilation" window
3. click Recorder > Burn Image
to burn an image file when every other burning option is IN the "New Compilation" window?

One of the "worst / best / worst again" interfaces I've used was Lightwave 7.5! They took normal Windows conventions (like Ctrl + Z = undo) and threw them out the window. On the other hand, it actually worked VERY well (undo is U... that's it, just U, redo is Shift U (makes sense don't it? U for Undo!)).

Maya - Complicated, but usable. In order to use Maya your left hand pretty much can't leave the vicinity of Ctrl / Shift / Alt (you constantly use all 3) AND it requires a 3 button mouse (take that Adobe).

Rant over....

And last but not least:
Rhino 2.0 - has got to be the most intuitive program I've ever used. The repetative tasks that you have to do 5000 times on every image are all on the mouse. Right-click will repeat the last task you did if you tap it, if you're in the middle of doing a task it'll move you to the next step, if you right-click and drag (at any time) it'll drag/rotate the view, the scroll wheel actually zooms (again, how does Adobe leave this feature out?), left clicking does everything else. If you click in an area where 2 or more objects lie it'll highlight the top one, every subsequent click will cycle through the objects, then just right click when the correct one is highlighted (also a menu pops up with the different object types, which you can click if you prefer), if none of the objects are correct you don't have to start the whole task over, just select "None" from the menu and click somewhere else. Rhino restores my faith in the possibilities of computer software every time I use it!

General Software Discussion / Re: RealPlayer or RealAlternative?
« on: December 01, 2005, 01:46 AM »
I used to hate RealPlayer's "I now own you because you installed me" aditude, to me the later versions are much better. As for quick time, I hate it (how can Apple sleep at night trying to make people buy the pro version so that they can maximize the video?????? "F" that!).

Living Room / Re: 18 Tricks to Teach Your Body - cool
« on: November 30, 2005, 02:43 AM »
Yeah! Cool site! Thanks for pointing it out.

I hope I can remember these things when I need them...

Personally I've never used MP3Tag, so I don't know it's full potential, but I can say that TGF can do everything listed on MP3Tag's homepage as "Main features." Does MP3Tag have scripting capibilities? That's the part of TGF I use the most, you can make it run your mp3s through command line apps (I made a script to put all my mp3s through mp3gain for instance). Another couple of people have made a script that lets you get your tag info from AMG, which is probably the most accurate, complete online music databases. (AMG also has reviews, cover art, and "styles" that defign the music much more accurately than mere genres.) For those of you who might use one, TGF aparrently has a very good library (though I haven't used it).

General Software Discussion / Re: Best FREE IRC client?
« on: November 17, 2005, 06:20 AM »
I've gone on a "find a new IRC client" bindge a time or too also, but I always go back to ol' mIRC. In fact, I still use 6.03 because I'm too damn lazy to install a new one, also because this install has lasted through several formats). I hate using the "standard" program for anything, but mIRC is one I just can't shake (Winamp is another).

I tried Miranda for an AIM client, but couldn't make it work in the first 5 minutes so I gave up and went back to trillian. It'll take quite a bit to get me to install it again.

(I use 0 scripts. The most advanced thing I do with mIRC is hit TAB to complete people's names.) I think I'll take a lookyloo at savIRC and Vortec IRC though. Has anyone here used either of these?

General Software Discussion / Re: software i love
« on: November 17, 2005, 05:57 AM »
BSPlayer (for those of you who are tired of me bringing this up, sorry...) I've tried most of the compitition (Zoomplayer, WMP, VLC(sp?), Winamp, etc), and it's truely the best video player I've found. Quick cool feature: borderless video window. I like to make a playlist of cartoons/sitcoms and play them almost continiously while I use my computer, I'll just shrink the video window down to about 100 pixels wide, stick it in the corner, and go about my business. Another cool feature: it doesn't need to be installed, if you're like me and you format a lot it's nice not to have to install it every time.

The GodFather, I can't tell y'all how much time I've saved by using this mp3 (and other audio files) manager. Unfortunately it's allowed me to obsess over having "perfect" tags, so it's also wasted a good deal of my time... (this is another program that doesn't need to be reinstalled after a format)

Daemon Tools : a cool little free app that emulates a CD/DVD ROM, very usefull for using CD/DVD images without burning them. HEY... they released 4.0 a couple days ago! But the server is busy... :(

Honorable mention:
Quicktime Alternative: I hate having to sign my soul to Apple just because I want to watch a MOV. This fixes that problem. Version 1.44 is working fine for me, 1.66 "final" is out now.

A little bit of warning, the UI isn't the easiest to use.

Possibly the best testiment to the power of the prog is the Forum. Tons of people go on there to ask for a new feature, only to be told it's already been implemented.

[edit]I guess I should mention that I'm a moderator of the GodFather forum, other than that, I have no official affilieation with The GodFather[/edit]

Just in case any of you are looking for an audio file manager I thought I'd bring " The GodFather " to your attention.

I wont get into it now, but TGF can do practically anything audio-file related. One of the most powerful features is it's script support (using delphi). Another very cool thing about TFG is it's author (jtclipper) is very active in the forum, if there's something you need to ask about or have a suggestion to offer; you'll probably get a responce within a day or so.

How about a crumpled up cup with donation coder on the side (like a pan-handler would have), or maybe something that looks like a donation box/can (like Toys for Tots or something), or maybe an open computer case, laid on it's side, with money in it (like an open guitar case that a "street musician" would use).

Finished Programs / Re: DONE - IDEA: Titlebar Clock
« on: November 11, 2005, 03:16 AM »
Houdy all, first post for me... so far I love the site and plan to make it one of my daily visits...

I was about to request a start button clock when I realized skrommel already made one. Only problem is is that I'm also using Windows 2000, and as of now it doesn't work for me either.

I also hate how much room the clock takes up on the right of the taskbar! If you're like me, your taskbar is 2 levels tall, in which case the clock wastes even more space...

Here's my idea, would it be possible to put the time under the start menu? With Windows 2000 when you increase the size of the task bar the start button stays the same size, but it moves up, leaving a completely blank area.

Displaying the date + time there would be cool!

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