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General Software Discussion / Re: Converting from FLV to AVI
« on: June 02, 2007, 02:22 PM »
I will relegate my off topic comments to spoilers
like Riva, Super is also based on CLI tools like ffmpeg but i prefer Riva because of its clean, well-designed layout.. :)
What's Riva? Is it this:

[edit]LOL, I see now, there it is in the first post... (I skipped it because I have very little interest in converting web video)... [/edit]

General Software Discussion / Re: Converting from FLV to AVI
« on: June 02, 2007, 01:12 PM »
I will relegate my off topic comments to spoilers
If you suspect a program is merely changing the file extension, it's easy to check: compare the old and new files with Beyond Compare.

I'm certainly no expert, but "AVI" is a "container" format. AVI files can contain audio/video streams that use are compressed with all kinds of different codecs. You can get AVIs with mp3 audio and xvid video, ac3 audio and divx video, etc.

Incording to KMPlayer the AVI I happen to be watching right now uses Xvid and MP3.
Screenshot - 6_2_2007 , 12_11_01 PM.png

There are other container formats out there. A notable one is matroska. It lets you have DVD style chapters, multiple audio streams, built in subtitles, etc. Definitely worth a look if you're about to convert a lot of video.

BUT, what Curt is saying brings up a good point, why convert and loose quality if you don't have to. Before converting, drag the FLV into your media player of choice, if it works just associate FLVs with that player...

Living Room / Re: Microsoft's proposed new user interface
« on: May 31, 2007, 04:06 PM »
Attempted IP theft? Sounds fair to me, so long as intellectual property theft is illegal.

I suggest they up the penalty though! Screw this $250,000 business, give the police the power to execute intellectual thieves on sight!

Anyway, it looks cool, but your arms would get in the way! After a while they'll invent a super cool transparent pointing device that will simulate finger presses. Later they'll invent a new wireless version, it'll be a little rodent sized peripheral with multiple buttons that will track the movement of users' hands off screen!

General Software Discussion / Re: RAID explained ?!
« on: May 31, 2007, 08:40 AM »
I love that there is also "JABOD" (or is it "JBOD"?)! Just a Bunch of Drives! Haven't used it, but I guess it's like RAID except that it doesn't require the same capacity drives.

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox released
« on: May 30, 2007, 09:51 PM »
I just got it, hit Help > Check for Updates... in FF. Thanks cthorp!

I was using version 4 but didn't notice any huge problems, maybe I was lucky.

Yeah, it makes me mad that they're going with the Security suite model. If the whole suite is great that would be great, but I'm not too hopeful. Most of these "all in one" (SW or HW) products comprise of a bunch of mediocre parts stuck together or one good product and rest is mediocre.

Has anyone used the security suite? Anyone know if their AV is "powered by" any other antivirus software? Anyone seen any or type test results?

General Software Discussion / Re: Outpost 5 for Vista
« on: May 30, 2007, 08:58 AM »
Frigging finally!

I just bought Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 today though... So far I like it better.

(I almost made this into a new topic, but decided to keep it here.)

I think MS has done the PC computer world a great service by keeping all Vista discs the same! Well sorta at least there's still separate 32 and 64 bit discs.

I think Microsoft has applied it directly to the forehead* with this decision!

What this has done is flooded the market with perfectly clean, bloat-free discs! Anyone who buys more than one 32 bit or 64 bit copy of Vista has just bought themselves an additional license key with a free spare disc. I've had been using Win2K since about when ME came out, but I've yet to own a legitimate Win2K disc, I did see one once though.

During my time at Geek Squad, we NEVER had a legit WinXP CD, not one! A room full of computer nerds; NO Microsoft branded XP CDs. Not even an image of an MS branded CD of which we knew the source. We had an 8-in-1 that someone downloaded which we would use to re-install XP when the need arose. If Geek Squad can't come up with a real MS CD with which to perform clean installs, what is Joe Public to do?

NOW, when someone buys a computer from Dell, HP, what have you, they should more easily be able to come up with a Vista disc they can use to wipe the crap off the computer and start clean.

I actually have very grandiose opinions of what could arise simply from more people having clean installs of Windows, but I'll keep them to myself for now. At the very least it'll make people's computers work better, less bloat, less antiquated software, less crap. People will be happier with their (still cheap because of competition) Vista based computer. Happy people will help drive the market for better software (see, I'm sorta staying on topic).

*My suggestion as a replacement for the expression: "Hit the nail right on the head."

Sorry for all the quotes... I rarely stray from the General Software Discussion so am late to the game...

If you didn't see this the other time I posted it...
I know I know, this is PC and Linux, but I found this funny anyway.

In fact I am embarrassed to say that of all the time I spend on computers probably only 2/3 is spent actually producing something and the rest on fiddling with software.

I recognise, and smile ruefully to myself when I do, this exact same behviour in myself! I'm *supposed* to be more productive when I'm sitting in front of a computer but instead I wile away hours and days of my time "tweaking" it to address perceived deficiencies that have nothing to do with its ability to allow me to manipulate data in Excel or write down an idea in Word.
Yup, every now and then I catch myself endlessly "tweaking" something that I rarely, if ever, use. I guess that's something that comes when you sit in front of a computer all day... Other than:
Sim 0707 King-Size Homer[(016467)05-58-09].JPG

A. Those Apple commercials have always been lame.

B. However, I do hate all the bloat and crapware that comes with brand-name PCs. If I ever buy a brand-name PC/laptop, the first thing I'm going to do is format the drive and do a nice, clean install. And that's with my own discs. Not the ones that come with the bloat that's automatically installed.
C. Apple is all about proprietary software/hardware.
A. I've always hated them too... A lot of the Mac spewed PC "flaws" are just as prevalent in Macs as well.

B. I think that's what the commercial in the OP is talking about, and as much as I hate to admit it, they're exactly right. I used to work at Best Buy as a Geek, one of the services we would do, after charging an exorbitant fee of course, is uninstall a lot of the shit HP/Compaq, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, etc. put on their computers. With a clean Windows install the customers would be better off, for the most part at least, but they'd be paying more.

But, we must recognize that this additional software would be on Macs as well, if Mac had just one thing: competition. AOL doesn't come on every computer because HP thinks everyone uses AOL, it's on every computer because AOL-Time-Warner (did they drop the AOL?) has a lot of money, and they're willing to give it to HP in exchange for exposure. It's merely to drive the price down, because unlike Macs, there's at least a semblance of choice in the PC world.

C. Yup. Also, aren't Macs horrible about backward compatibility too? Isn't that something they decry Vista about?

HELLO! Not everyone buys their PC off the shelf or from Dell/HP/Sony, who do install a buttload of crapware on them. I've either built or had the guy on the corner custom build my PCs since the early 90s.
That's the way to do it!

The primary slam was against Sony Vaio computers.
Yeah. As much as I'd like to be calling that guy a complete douche-bag, he's right. I'd say that it's about the same for the rest as well. Maybe not Alienware.

I love the way people assume that Microsoft hire inept, bumbling programmers and the really good ones code for Apple
why on earth would anyone assume that Microsoft are less capable than Apple?
I understand the analogy perfectly. I think the difference here is people think computers just are. Surely the average computer user knows that people create computer software, but I get the impression they couldn't tell you much more. The average person doesn't seem to have any idea what they're actually getting when they buy a computer. I've had to explain that just because a computer has Microsoft Windows doesn't mean they'll also get Microsoft Office to glazed over eyes so many times I've lost count.

My daughter found this one today.  ;D

I know I know, this is PC and Linux, but I found this funny anyway.

It took me longer than I'd normally like to admit to realize that the sudden rise in Mac ads is more than likely because they're running scared.

I mean, Microsoft releases a new operating system and what do you see on TV? Mac ads.

I'm in the minority here; I hate TheBat! and wish I never purchased it!

It's always had an "almost done" feel to it, the updates were few and insignificant (I can't tell you one single feature added while I was using it (maybe 2 years)). But what really cinched it for me was when it deleted all my mail in the guise of "fixing" some problem of which I never saw any symptoms.

I posted about it here after it happened, lemme see if I can find it...
Oh, here it is: I wish I could punch the idiots that made TheBat!

I'm now using Thunderbird, it's great. DEFINITELY NOT as many features, but the features it has work. I use TrueCrypt and Super Flexible File Synchronizer to encrypt and backup my mail messages, unlike TheCrap!, this method lets me easily keep multiple backups, preventing a similar disaster in the future.

An example of the "almost done feel": It has a feature to automatically wrap your messages after 80 characters (I think that's the default, it's probably editable). This feature is nice and it certainly does make your messages look better. The problem is, it doesn't make any effort to re-wrap the text if you edit something. So, if you remove half a line, you're left with a huge gap after the line.

The above paragraph, wrapped at 80 characters
An example of the "almost done feel": It has a feature to automatically wrap
your messages after 80 characters (I think that's the default, it's probably
editable). This feature is nice and it certainly does make your messages look
better. The problem is, it doesn't make any effort to re-wrap the text if you
edit something. So, if you remove half a line, you're left with a huge gap after
the line.

Looks pretty good right?

And with the underlined section removed... and a minor edit
An example of the "almost done feel": It has a feature to automatically wrap
your messages after 80 characters
. This feature is nice and it certainly does make your messages look
better. The problem is, it doesn't make any effort to re-wrap the text if you
edit something. So, you're left with a huge gap after any edited lines or super long lines, because it only wraps when you type the 80th charactor.

Looks like crap and is super annoying to fix manually.

If you're like me, and modify your writing 15 times before you're happy with it, manually fixing the wrap of the text gets REALLY OLD!

Here's a few programs I've noticed are not on the supported programs list that may be easy to create:

Directory Opus
Super Flexible File Synchronizer
Beyond Compare
Sumatra PDF
Screenshot Captor
CounterStrike (this has always worked even after a format, so the settings must be saved in the main program dir somewhere)
Raven Shield
(Bold signifies that it appears the settings are simply saved as a set of files)

What I do may be something you might want to try, maybe as a last resort.

I format my drive into 2 partitions, a C: (30 gigs for Vista, 15 gigs for any other windows) and a D: with all the rest of the hard drive space. The C: partition gives me enough room for Windows, the few apps I install into C:\Program Files, and enough additional space to save pretty much any file on my desktop. The D: drive is where I put everything; 'specially programs. Programs that I have to install get put into D:\ProgNew, programs that can just be unzipped get put into D:\ProgNoInst. After a format pretty much all the programs in ProgNoInst will continue to work as if nothing happened. I'll also change the name of the ProgNew folder to ProgOld. Then I'll go through ProgOld and delete any program that I'm no longer interested in using.

After I install a program that I had installed before I'll use Beyond Compare to compare the New with the Old. If there's file differences, specially in .ini files, I'll selectively transfer the Old stuff to the New stuff.

Sometimes after a format I'll rename the ProgNew folder to ProgKeep. Then I'll try every program I'm still interested in and see if any still work. Any that do I'll leave in the ProgKeep folder for easy future formatting.

The first couple times going through this process takes a little extra time, but after a while I build up a collection of software that I don't need to worry about getting messed up if Windows decides to take a crap on me. I suppose it would be easy enough to backup all the -non-install- programs periodically to help protect against a HDD failure or something.

NixSaver looks like a very good solution for other software that must be installed though. justice, what do you mean by "Opera only" in that table?

Welcome to DC!

I don't know of an application that can do this, but it seems like this might be something that could be made in a "Coding Snack". If nobody knows of an existing program you might try posting in the "Coding Snacks/Post New Requests Here" forum.

Hi, I've downloaded a DVD illegally, does anyone have an illegal key for this piece of software to make it into a DVD disc?

General Software Discussion / Re: Handy for quick notes?
« on: May 15, 2007, 03:41 PM »
Welcome aboard!

Sounds like a nice little utility... I don't know if this will help you, or interest you or not but: Directory Opus keeps a list of 10 "undos" so if you're only renaming/moving files temporarily (like to make sure a program works real quick or something) it might be one more reason to get it.

Definitely not worth the registration price by itself, but something to consider if you were on the fence.

In case you didn't see it, here's a recent discussion about DO.

Looks like a nice guide! I do have to ask why anyone would use Space and Shift+Space to page up and page down when there's already dedicated PgUp and PgDn keys... usually even on laptops...

General Software Discussion / Re: DVD playback software
« on: May 15, 2007, 05:08 AM »
I'll have to thank your brotha in la too(2). I'm digging KMP!

I think Windows Vista has a DVD codec included. I've watched parts of a couple DVDs with WMP, but after I started using KMP WMP suddenly doesn't think it has a decoder any more... I don't know if it's a conflict, some trial thing ended, or if it a bug, but WMP doesn't work no mo, KMP does though.

I don't know how off hand, but I'm pretty sure AHK will read and write lines from a file. You could easily read a line, add the necessary characters to the beginning and end, do any find and replacing you need, and write the line back and go to the next.

This sounds like something I'd be capable of (with my very limited programming skillz) so I'm sure a lot of y'all would be too. I'm heading off for the weekend, but if someone hasn't made anything by the time I get back I'll take a stab at it.

lost the entire draft (45mins work lost).
That is SO aggravating isn't it!? Every now and then I'll periodically "copy" all the text of a long post to the clipboard. Sure, I have to do it manually, but it works in a pinch (on any computer, without additional software).

Here's an idea: Would be possible to make an AHK script that would add a "Open Notepad" button to all text boxes, or maybe even all text boxes that are 2 lines or larger? (Maybe it could catch the html code and insert new code or something?)

If someone is going to make this program, it might be cool if it kept a visual log of all keystrokes. I mean, maybe it could just clone all keystrokes to an open copy of Notebook or something. That way you could manually go into the log and delete any entries you don't want saved...

i hope they don't have to release another removal tool to remove this one..
I've heard rumours about a new Norton product that's in the works, designed to get rid of some of its bloat.  It's going to be called Norton Liposuction.  Apparently it won't work on NTFS though, only FAT. 
-cranioscopical (May 11, 2007, 08:04 AM)

Well, I don't think AnyDVD is trying to claim they let you watch non-HDCP protected content without HDCP hardware... "Buy our product, it'll let you do what you could do anyway" isn't really a very good marketing slogan. It lets you watch HD-DVDs (which are all HDCP protected AFIK) and BRDs (which are also all HDCP protected, also AFIK).

I reread your post MrCrispy... I see what you're saying now, I think. You're saying that AnyDVD HD may run into additional problems if you have HDCP enabled hardware, like an HDCP enabled video card. Right?
I definitely don't know enough about HDCP to make a guess as to whether this would actually be the case, but I'd guess there would be many posts about it on the Slysoft forum. I took a quick look, but I didn't see any. I unfortunately don't have ANY HD computer hardware, so I can't come close to testing the software myself.

AnyDVD HD ($80, $30 upgrade from AnyDVD) supposedly removes HDCP. Content Protection problem solved it seems.

I suggest we move the discussion on this to the "soft and hard links in ntfs" thread (linked above as well).

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