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Heh, I just checked their website in the last couple days...

I love that program!

I love imgburn! I can't say I've used it in the last 3 months or not, but it's great!

In the case of Nero the bloat came in the form of leaving their core product (the burning rom) virtually unchanged while tacking on additional little programs and calling it a "suite", increasing their version number, and charging increasingly exorbitant amounts. $100 for Nero? They gotta be out of their mind!

Also, the majority of the "tack ons" were released into a market flooded with alternatives. Why make a Nero media player when there's SO MANY other (superior) choices out there? WMP, WinAmp, BSPlayer, Real Media Player, WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc?! A photo viewer in Nero? WHAT? Who was the first douche bag that said "hey I got an idea: lets make proprietary audio and video encoding formats that only people with Nero can use!"?

I must say, I was glad to find the cover designer. At the time I was burning a lot of audio CDs and it was nice to be able to print the ID3 tags to a playlist formatted to fit into a CD case. Even though this has been used as an example of bloat in a lot of the posts here, I don't think it is. When it was added there was virtually no alternative and IMO was also very related to the typical Nero user at the time: people who wanted to listen to the music they pirated from Napster.

General Software Discussion / Re: Save the Cookies!
« on: February 05, 2008, 11:56 AM »
Well, 99% of the time you wont need a virus scanner or a firewall either, so what's your point?

I don't like my computer to be perpetually logged into some sites. Is it a "REAL" security threat? Probably not, but it takes very little effort to delete cookies.

I use CCleaner to empty my recycle bin, it does the cookies too, it's convenient.

I think he gets a lot of e-mail regarding queries about functionality that already exists, therefore he's taken steps to make functionaltiy more accessible. Which hopefully will be a good thing as I think I don't use 80% of the features because I'm not sure if I need it or how it impacts.
I bet he does too. I like to think of myself as an advanced software user guy, but the interface of SFFS is quite confusing. I too think there's probably options in there that I would want to use, but of which I'm not aware.
From what you told me, it is still the internal scheduler where SFFS must stay running, plus you cannot do anything within SFFS unless you stop the scheduler. (Worst config I've ever seen for a scheduler in an application!!)

Or the "Extreme Sync" service. No comment on that.  But no use of the Windows Task Scheduler in this version. Doesn't sound like much changed at all, except some GUI changes which just have you use more views to accomplish the same things.
Personally, I'm glad he's not using the Task Scheduler... I'm on Vista 64 and the Extreme Sync service works perfectly, I have a few backups scheduled to run at 5:00 am, if I'm on the computer at 5 they run, if it's off they run the next time I start the computer. I also have a backup setup to run every time I shut down the computer, this also always works.

Not being able to use the program without stopping the scheduler is dumb in my opinion too, but it's something I can live with. I can't imagine that will be the case once V4 comes out though.

In fact, the thing works so well I haven't updated for months; I'm still using 3.67.

General Software Discussion / Re: Vista-SP1 available today (Feb.4th)
« on: February 05, 2008, 08:27 AM »
Hmm.. It looks like Microsoft is not releasing this until March for us lowly consumers... how does this make sense?

General Software Discussion / Re: Save the Cookies!
« on: February 05, 2008, 08:12 AM »
[MoreOffTopic]:) Thanks Darwin! I try to make it back at least every now and then, but usually only get a post or 2 in.

Last I remember you were off to Africa or something... how'd that go?[/MoreOffTopic]

I see you use CCleaner for cookies too mouser. When I saw you made a How-To and said it was the "Right Way" the first thing I thought was... "Oh no, now I have to learn the right way... but I liked MY way..."

General Software Discussion / Re: Save the Cookies!
« on: February 04, 2008, 03:50 PM »
I use CCleaner to wrangle my cookies, it works quite well on my Vista 64; I'd have to imagine it'll work on XP 64 too.

The left pane is all the cookies on your computer (that aren't on the "save" list). Move them to the save side and they wont be deleted by CCleaner again.

General Software Discussion / Re: Vista-SP1 available today (Feb.4th)
« on: February 04, 2008, 03:38 PM »
Hey thanks for the notice!

Also, good call with putting the date in the title! I hate seeing titles like "Today only, some free program or something" that are 3 months old.

Once I was typing a huge post, a couple pages long I imagine. Well, low and behold: the power goes out!

When I fired my computer back up and restarted Firefox my whole post was there waiting for me!!! I was amazed! No extensions or anything, Firefox did it all by itself.

If I saw it I'd assume it was to show that you're statement has ended. Like an HTML tag.
Some people will do stuff like this as well...
Yeah, that was real helpful! /sarcasm

General Software Discussion / Re: Computer jokeware...
« on: August 29, 2007, 04:04 AM »
Mouser actually has his own jokeware: Dr.Windows

I haven't used it in a while but it's hilarious!

General Software Discussion / Re: User settings storage debate
« on: August 07, 2007, 02:15 PM »
Personally, I'm the only one who uses my computers, so I'm a big fan of the settings being stored in the program install directory. I try to keep my installed programs and my extracted programs separate. Installed programs go into D:\ProgNew and extracted programs go into D:\ProgNoInst. If I format my C drive all my programs in my D:\ProgNoInst folder still work after reinstalling windows. Also, if I want to move a program from one computer to another (or put it onto a flash drive) I can just copy them out of ProgNoInst, it's VERY convenient!

In situations where multiple users might use the same program it gets a lot more complicated. If user A changes the toolbar layout it should not be changed for user B. Storing the settings in the user folders could be helpful here, but requires switching users in Windows, which is an annoyance. A better solution IMO would be to have users choose a profile to use when the program starts. User A selects "John's Profile" and user B selects "Jane's Profile". If the content of the program is sensitive in some way (e-mail, passwords, whatever) then also have a password for each profile.

In fact, I could see a single user wanting multiple profiles. For example, maybe User A would want a "retouching" profile in Photoshop when he wants to edit an existing photo and a "creation" profile when he's creating a new image. Maybe a "combo" profile as well that gives easy access to all the tools. Switching users would not be a viable option to have access to all these profiles.

Also, having everything in a single directory eases uninstallation; just delete the folder! No registry crap left behind, no "quick start" programs still starting with the computer using up RAM, nothing. Also, there's no worry about gaining rights to other user's folders.

Screenshot - 8_7_2007 , 1_15_01 PM.png

I wish I could help ya... Maybe a little more information would be useful for others?

- qex, that's quicken right? What version are they from?

- How do you know they're corrupted? I mean, is it Quicken telling you that they're corrupted, or did you use some archiving software that took a crap or something?

- If you make copies of the files and open them in notepad can you make any sense of them? Like, does it look like if worse came to worse you could sort through them manually?

- Is it possible some kind of file recovery would help? Like, did you move them between drives or anything? If there's a chance, stop all file operations possible, don't defragment, don't move files, don't use the computer if you can help it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Print on PDF
« on: July 24, 2007, 11:43 AM »
To me, it sounds like he would like to print a form a bunch of times, then come back later and fill the form in, using his printer, like you might do with a typewriter.

So, the actual piece of paper would be run through a printer twice, the first time it would print the PDF, the second time it would print the filled-in parts (name, date, whatever). The second run would be a lot faster.

What for the3seashells? (if you don't mind me asking...)

Also, just in case you don't already know; there are programs that will let you do what tomos is saying: superimpose additional writing on a PDF which will let you print the original form and the filled-in parts all at once.

General Software Discussion / Re: Need a contact form
« on: July 19, 2007, 04:34 PM »
If you are looking for web forms, another good service is Wufoo.
I don't know anything about Wufoo, but they look like a cool company!

They make forms fun! Use it like a champ! A dinosaur next to the login link... Awesome!

I wonder if you can add either program into the other... (sorry, I don't want to actually download them for myself...)

Those look really cool!

Can you put any program in there? Like, could I put... a Notepad, a Command Prompt, and a Directory Opus in there at the same time, if I wanted to?

Do you get to use the free-spinning scroll wheel without the software?

I haven't tried the newest logitech mouse with the fancy button wheel
I had that mouse (the MX-Revolution) for about a month. Then I got a little pissed that the frigging Logitech drivers kept losing my custom button assignments and dropped it from a little too high, it broke.

The hardware is awesome! A HUGE improvement. But the software sucks. I've found with Logitech, you better be happy with what you get in the box because there'll only be like, 3 updates, ever.

Back OT:
I've never been a fan of smooth scrolling either. But I've also barely given it a chance. To me, it's all about the speed. When I scroll, I want the screen to change, instantly.
Lashiec, I'll give it another chance...
-Initial thought: it's a little nicer looking, but a little slower.

The Euclidean algorithm is considered to be quite efficient :)
Whoa! Looks pretty efficient to me. Thanks Eóin!

Welp, I made a function that will do it. It uses a list of prime numbers (primes.txt) that must be in the same directory as the "Func_GreatestCommonDenominator.ahk" script.

Also included is an example ahk script that uses the function to reduce a fraction and report by how much the original was reduced.

* GCD 1.1.rar (22.95 kB - downloaded 211 times.)

I'm making some AutoHotkey scripts and need to reduce a fraction.

Can anyone help me find the most efficient way to find the highest common denominator between 2 numbers?

I figure I can do a brute force type thing where I make each number "numerator1" and "numerator2".
Take each numerator and divide it by a counter.
 - If the results for each division are integers then I'd make the results the new numerators.
 - If one of the results is not an integer then increase the counter over and over until the counter = the smaller of the numerators
But I figure there's probably a better way...

Anyone ever play "The Typing of the Dead"?

Until I set out to find a link to use with the title I didn't know it came out for PC, but it's really fun on Dreamcast!

KeePass is awesome! I love it. I pretty much wont consider another password program...

By the way, it works with everything. In the notes section there is 2 commands: "Auto-Type-Window" and "Auto-Type". A.T.W. lets KeePass know what window it's suppose to type into, A.T. tells it what to type.

Here's what I have for DonationCoder...
Auto-Type-Window: *DonationCoder*
The {USERNAME} variable types whatever is in the username field (like "SendInput" in AutoHotkey), {PASSWORD} types the password field. I use it for tons of stuff, like filling in my city and state when I use an online phone book, and for using DirectoryOpus' FTP Quick Connect. Also registration keys for programs.

It's portable (just unzip it), OS, etc. etc.! I can't say enough about it.

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