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General Software Discussion / Re: Document code : number-year
« on: December 11, 2008, 10:02 PM »
I haven't used AutoHotkey for a while (well, I haven't used the program, I do use one of my old scripts several times a day though) so I can't give any personal pointers as far as making it work, but hopefully this site will get you at least as far as making argv's script work...

1. Download and install AutoHotkey
2a. Follow the instructions here: http://www.autohotke.../Tutorial.htm#Create
2b. Replace step 5 of those instructions with the script above...

General Software Discussion / Re: Music files 101
« on: December 07, 2008, 03:28 AM »
I don't use that method (I do single track MP3s, and I ain't doing all these CDs again), but I think so...

[edit]... hmm... I didn't really look at what was created with the current Rip As 1 option until now. I'm not seeing any .cue file in there and I couldn't find an option in the program and I also couldn't find any information on how to turn it on by searching google. Maybe it's not implemented properly after all...[/edit]

Here it is ripping...
Screenshot - 12_7_2008 , 2_25_49 AM.png

And the files it made...
Screenshot - 12_7_2008 , 2_27_34 AM.png
* Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album).txt (0.66 kB - downloaded 294 times.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Music files 101
« on: December 06, 2008, 01:14 AM »
Unfortunately, the version I purchased can't do single-file-per-album + cue-sheet ripping, which is the format I prefer... as far as I've been able to gather, the most recent version does, but I'm not shelling out for an upgrade unless I'm certain.
It does indeed have single file ripping now. IIRC the upgrade is $12, or $17 if you buy a year of Perfectmeta access. In my opinion that's a deal, a steal, the sale of the century.

General Software Discussion / Re: WINDOWS 7 THREAD (ongoing)
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:31 AM »
I like going back to simple numbering over fancy/faux names and years. I find Ubuntu's numbers fine, but their naming scheme is truly dumb imo. But a ribbon touch calc? NOOOO!!
 (see attachment in previous post)
What the hell is that thing???? If that's a real picture of the new calculator I might have to reconsider my plan to buy and install Windows 7...

General Software Discussion / Re: What's on your flash drive?
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:12 AM »
Practically nothing...   :P
  • Keepass
  • symbols.txt <- a txt file that has a lot of symbols (like ÄÃÂÁÀÅäãâáàåª)

Total size: 1.26MB
Free space: 3.73GB

General Software Discussion / Re: Your fav' audio CD burner?
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:01 AM »
I'm a huge fan of ImgBurn and was happy to see it can do audio CDs too... unfortunately, I really don't see myself burning music to CDs anymore, much less as an audio CD (opposed to an MP3 CD).

BTW, ImgBurn is portable (woop!).

Also, J River Media Center (god I hate that name) and it's free counterpart, Media Jukebox, (much better name) has really grown on me lately, and since it burns CDs I have a feeling that if I were to ever burn a music CD (as audio or as files) I'd probably just use Media Center. Media Center (not Jukebox) has a "portable install" option, but it hasn't worked for me after multiple tries  :down:.

I think Media Jukebox is the perfect "give to mom" program for audio, in fact I just gave it to my mom over thanksgiving weekend...

Hmmm... I've been using Media Center as my daily media player for a few weeks now, I'm very happy with some of the features and have been very annoyed by the lack of some features... I can't seem to find a media player that does everything I want, and does it well (I'm trying to find something my mom can use).

Anyway, I thought I'd mention a post I made on the Media Center forum that mentions a couple competing programs (foobar2000 and Mp3tag) and I mention that the other programs work better. It's been a year since the last post in this thread, maybe they've changed their ways.

Here's the post

Don't those two statements contradict each other.
Sorta... The second statement was talking about a solution that I thought would probably annoy me; but I think you're right - if those extra features (DreamScene, Media Center, Remote Access, "iHome" clone apps, etc.) were implemented exactly like Aero is now I think they could probably make the majority of their customers happy.

About Office being installed on pre-built computers... isn't that a choice of the OEMs? They want to put "Includes Office*" on the side of their boxes so they'll sell more computers. They also probably get a kickback for whatever software they put on their computers, be it from Microsoft or Roxio.
*3 month trial

I'm with you, I wish Microsoft would spend less time trying to shove WMP down my throat. They could use that saved time to make their OS better, or the saved man-hours to reduce their prices.

I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe I didn't say my situation clearly... I had automatic updates turned off, then one day I decided to give them a chance, after a few periods where the performance of my computer plummeted when updates were running "in the background" and a single time when Vista decided it was going to reboot whether I liked it or not I turned auto updates back off.

I'm proud to say that I have 3 legit copies of Vista (1 that I've owned for like a year and still haven't installed) an XP or 2, and maybe even a 2000 around here somewhere.

The updates in Vista also annoy me. One way or another when they're running they kill my performance (maybe it's Kaspersky's fault though), then sometimes a box pops up telling me that the computer is about to restart... whether I give it permission or not! I have an unhealthy distrust of Microsoft, but I thought I'd give automatic updates a chance... bad decision.

I can think of a reasonable reason to have multiple different versions: that way you can have more advanced versions that require higher end hardware. If Microsoft didn't relegate DreamScene (the animated desktop thing) to Ultimate you'd have all kinds of problems with people turning it on for no good reason, then complaining about how Vista is a resource hog. How much better would the average computer's performance be if people would just turn off Aero? (dwm.exe is using 250mb of RAM on my computer right now) My point is, if the feature is available people will enable it, if their system can't handle it they'll complain. Better to give those people a version without those features in the first place. That is why I'm using the Business version... I don't know what the Media Center does in the background in Vista Home, and I don't wanna know. I'd prefer it not to be there in the first place, that way I don't have to wonder what problems it's causing.

I guess you could solve that problem by having some kind of diagnostic system, but then you run into the issue of having the OS make decisions for the user (something I can't stand). A built in "vLite" like installer might work too... I wish I could easily turn off the indexer, firewall + defender, windows update, the sidebar, etc. during the install, or better yet, before burning the install disc.

I would love to join the fray and bash on the Vista haters of the world, but instead I'll just say that I've been running Vista X64 since about a month after it came out (if memory serves me correctly) and it's been great! All the computers I've owned have probably crashed on me a total of 5 times (and I'm on my computer practically every waking hour of the day).

Why have I had such great luck while others have had the opposite? I chalk it up to a few things...
- I used a fresh install of Vista, none of the crap OEMs get paid to bloat up computers was ever running on mine.
- My hardware has been higher end (2.4 ghz AMD dual core and 2.4 ghz Intel quad core, each with a decent video card (7800GTX and 8800GT respectively) and 2gb of RAM) (They were home-built computers - maybe the motherboards/PSUs were better?)
- I gravitate to "portable" software, maybe that has something to do with why it works?
- I can't stand programs like Acrobat Reader, Nero, and Microsoft Office (which seem to get more and more bloated with each new pointless release) so therefor don't install them... don't get me started on iTunes and Quicktime... They will NEVER be on another one of my computers if I have anything to do about it.

I don't even mess with the install that much... For instance I leave UAC turned on. I do disable the indexer though (am I the only one who doesn't have to search for their own files?)

Hmmm... I've had this copy (Business x64) installed for more than a year probably and my Windows directory is just shy of 9gb.

Oh yeah, about the free upgrade... I guess free doesn't make a lot of sense, but a $50 "we want you to buy this right away" discounted price sounds like a good idea to me.

General Software Discussion / Re: What's your music player of choice?
« on: November 15, 2008, 12:39 PM »
Can anyone suggest a good portable music organizer? (I'm a big fan of MediaMonkey, but it's not portable)

I put my whole library onto an external harddrive so that it can travel with me. And the MM installation on my own system has it all indexed in its database. But when I'm at another machine, I'd like to be able to search and browse the library quickly.
Media Center has a "Portable Install" option during the installation process, but it's never worked for me. It always says "You can only do a portable install if you have a license on this machine" which always leaves me wondering "exactly how can I get a license on this machine if I cannot install your software?" ...I guess they want us to install it twice?

General Software Discussion / Re: What's your music player of choice?
« on: November 14, 2008, 02:29 PM »
Hey y'all... making my bimonthly pop-in to DonationCoder... :)

I've been ripping a lot of music lately (I hate discs now) which has drove me to find new programs to play it all. I've tried most of the players mentioned (or their predecessors) and have a lil' something to say about them... I'll try to keep it short.

foobar2000 - This is probably the best player if you're willing to pretty much configure everything that is required to make a usable UI. If you want to take the time you can customize TONS and TONS of stuff about the player. The configuration process also involves downloading a bunch of .dll add-ons that usually consist of a single purpose "panel" (like a spectrum analyzer panel, album panel, or one to display the currently playing track). Configuring every single thing is a pain but what makes it worse is that the configuration dialogs for all the panels are not standardized... the method to open the configuration dialogs isn't even standardized. Also for me the customization interfaces (for both the standard UI and the "Columns UI" are very clunky and unintuitive.
Since I'd been ripping so many CDs, I needed a player that could read the "AccurateRipResult" tag generated by dbPoweramp. Foobar was the only player I tried that would read the tags from v13.1 of dbPoweramp ripper. I was also able to write a script that would not only display the AccurateRipResult tag, but would also truncate it and do a couple find and replace operations. Very cool!

J-River Media Center - I bought this a long time ago but hardly ever used it. But after doing all these rips I dusted it off and used it to get the album art for a LOT of my albums. It's got the best album searcher I've seen. I don't know if the free "Media Jukebox" has the same album art search, but it's worth a look if you're trying to get the art for a lot of albums. Other than that it seems very responsive and feature packed. It's got some similar custom column features as foobar2000, but I wasn't able to get it to display AccurateRipResult tags at all (I guess they're written as APE tags, which MC12 doesn't support in MP3s). The program also looks pretty darn good IMO.

Media Monkey - This has a lot of potential. It's definitely worth a try. For some reason ($ probably) they made the program insert a little link to Amazon next to the Artist/Album/Song Title of each song when you select it. I would expect to hit these accidentally constantly during normal use, driving me even more insane.

MusicIP - Just trying this out for the first time (I still have a lot of files left to analyze) seems cool so far! I wont say "I'm blown away by the playlists it's generated", but it does seem to do a pretty decent job. I hope it has a convenient way to rate songs somewhere...

Player Hatin'
WMP - I'm too biased against Microsoft programs to consider it for my default player, but the few times I've used it have been painless. Also, it's been indispensable a couple times (like when I wanted to copy files from my Zen Vision M based on their ratings.

iTunes - I'm WAY too biased against all things Apple to even install this unless it's absolutely necessary. I would not be surprised in the slightest if it's biggest asset (after being able to sync with iPhones and the iTunes web store) is it's brushed aluminum appearance.

Real Player - I'm glad they've stopped inventing superfluous media formats, but the bloatyness of the old versions of Real Player is preventing me from trying it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Music files 101
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:27 PM »
I'm a disc hater too... I've been doing a lot of ripping lately using dbPoweramp CD Ripper. It's got a feature they're calling "PerfectMeta" which queries 4 different title databases* to get the best information for each track. It also downloads the album art. I haven't actually compared the results with many of the original CD cases but the logic behind PerfectMeta is sound, and that's enough for me...

If you're still thinking about ripping all those CDs, check out the dbPoweramp demo. You should be able to rip them all within the 21 day trial period.

MusicBrainz - This is what I've been using to tag all my files... Their database seems to be accurate, but I've ran into a few CDs that were not in the database.
AMG/All Music Guide - from what I've seen this database is very good and very extensive
freedb - this is user created as far as I know, the results from this are usually OK, but typos are prevalent
GD3 - I don't know what this one is, so I don't know how good it is

Sorry to re-hash an old thread, but I thought y'all might like this review of a $3000, liquid-filled audio cable...

Velumnatics AudioPhlow

$3000, is a bit much for me, but it sounds like these things sound like they reelly are best in the field.

Look at the size of em! (That little black square is an MP3 player)
Screenshot - 4_27_2008 , 5_25_01 PM.png

I think overall it feels a bit quiet
Good ear (I think)!

I'm pretty sure ReplayGain normalizes to 97% volume... I can only offer guesses as to why...

MP3Gain (aka replaygain) is really the way to go.
Again, he's seeking something where he doesn't have to tinker with each individual mp3 file.
-Mr.Fancypants (March 27, 2008, 03:08 AM)
So, is it that he doesn't want to have to mess with the MP3s on an individual basis, or does he want to avoid having to change all his files?
... If that's not clear, let me say it a different way: Would a program that will batch process ALL his MP3s at once be good enough? I'm sure there's plenty of programs that will batch process MP3s, but if not I could dig up the script I made for "The GodFather" music manager which will do it.

Heh... I didn't intend to open this can of worms... I mostly said it was good so that I could post that image with a clear conscience. Now we can leave it up because we're commenting on it (which I think circumvents copyright or something)...
To be honest, I can't remember if I've ever used it to actually recover any files on any drives. Actually, I think I gave up on it when I couldn't make it read a SATA drive.

To get slightly more on topic...
This conversation reminds me of my days around wine connoisseurs.  An old line French winery ran into difficulties and lost a bunch of grape vines.  For the three years it took them to grow new vines they simply bought bulk wine from wholesalers and bottled it under their label. 
The truth came out finally and there was a great deal of trouble about it.  It seems that the winery had won a number of awards and high praise for their vintage when they were bottling the bulk stuff.  The funny thing about this is that even though this experience proved that the so called ''experts'' couldn't tell bulk wine from vintage wine, the experts continued grading wines and the connoisseurs kept listening to them. 
HAHAHA!! If this isn't an urban legend I'd love to get more information on this... Do you have any links about this story?

Did anyone see the "Bullshit" (a TV show on Showtime) where Penn and Teller told people they were getting all kinds of different water from around the world and recorded their reactions? Of course all the water had the same source: a garden hose behind the restaurant.
Here it is:

The way I understand it goes something like this...

Higher quality cables help do 2 things:
- reduce internal and external interference, and
- transmit the signal without loss

In the analog world the topic of "are those expensive cables worth it?" is certainly debatable. Personally I do not have the ears to tell the difference so I get the mid-range stuff (not the cheapest that anyone could ever get away with, but not $20 a foot either).

BUT when it comes to digital it's a whole new ball game. Your HDMI source, lets say a BluRay player, is more or less pumping out "1s" and "0s", or more accurately "Ons" and "Offs". So long as the device on the other end of the cable can tell whether it's been delivered a "1" or a "0" is all that matters. I don't know how much influence interference can have on the signal, but with digital it would have to be enough to turn the 0s and 1s into "0.5s" (a bit where the receiver cannot tell if it's "on" or "off").

I'm reminded of this image from SpinRite, an excellent data recovery tool.

The progression of different digital media (CDs, DVDs, HD stuff, etc.) is a different topic altogether. For HDMI cables the only question is: do the 1s and 0s make it to the other end or not? With digital, this is easily tested scientifically.

General Software Discussion / Re: KMPlayer going commercial?
« on: March 14, 2008, 03:50 AM »
Thanks for the tip off! I haven't updated my KMPlayer for months. I'll have to look into getting the last stable version and last few non-stable builds tomorrow.

Yeah, BSPlayer stayed "free" but it completely sucked IIRC.

General Software Discussion / Re: Here's my problem
« on: March 14, 2008, 03:42 AM »
That's the worst isn't it?

This sounds like something Autohotkey could do.

Are you looking for something that will take a password like: "god" and try combinations like "God", "GOd", "GOD", "g0d"... etc.? Seems like that would be a little more complicated, but still possible with AHK.

I'm not sure about here, but the site: thing is very useful for forums as their searches usually suck (like they quite often have a minimum search query of 4 letters).

General Software Discussion / Re: XP Toolbar menu sort order
« on: February 12, 2008, 07:23 PM »
If you're using CCleaner (or something similar) clearing the sort of the start menu is one of it's features. I think it's the check box I pointed out in my attached picture.

General Software Discussion / Re: Organize your Quick Launch menu
« on: February 12, 2008, 07:16 PM »
I think you can right click on the quick launch bar and choose "Open Folder". Just a quick way to get to it...

I do it like nite_monkey (but I only have one monitor). I have a "shortcuts" folder on my desktop that I have docked to the left side of my screen (set to auto hide).

The icons are re-arrangeable and stay that way between restarts.

General Software Discussion / Re: Send link and/or webpage?
« on: February 11, 2008, 04:56 AM »
Maybe you could have a text file on the net somewhere. Make a small program to update that file with whatever web page you're on. Left click on the "notification area" icon to open the file's website, right click on it to update the file with the current website. Or, maybe have it run in the background at all times and update the file every minute or so. As long as switching machines takes more than a minute it could work.

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