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Through perfect disk's website I saw that Amazon is selling version 7.0 for $31.99 (20% off the normal price). The cool thing is, there is a $20 mail in rebate for it, which brings the final cost down to $11.99 (70% off the normal price!). The rebate ends April 30th.

[edit]LOL, for some unknown reason I kept putting the "%" before the numbers.... thanks brotherS[/edit]

Screenshot Captor / Screenshot Captor in latest CPU magazine!
« on: February 02, 2006, 06:21 PM »
Just thought y'all'd wanna know that the latest CPU magazine has a little blurb about Screenshot Captor in  their "The Bleeding Edge Of Software" section.

I'm really liking this magazine by the way... a couple months ago they had a lil' blurb about The GodFather in there too!

I'm between computers right now, so I'm going to have to install some graphic software on this comp before I can post the pics I took.

OK, I got 'em online...

Here's a shot of the cover in case you wanna go pick yourself up a copy...

And here's a shot of the actual "blurb" (almost a half page, nice!)

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

Living Room / DIY Projector Project - Pre-Pre-Planning stage
« on: December 31, 2005, 03:50 AM »
I was wondering, have any of you made a "do it yourself" projector?

I stumbled appon a pdf with instruction to make one. It seems like it would be pretty easy (as long as I took the time to make everything accurately). More or less what you do is build a box with a bulb in it, get a LCD monitor, take it apart, and stick it inside. Then you need a couple sheet lenses that make the light from the bulb pass straight through the LCD and back into another lens that projects the image onto your screen.

Long story short you can build a 1024x768 projector for around $400 (based on a 15" monitor), or if you want to use a larger monitor and get up to hi-def.

I think this would be an awesome project, the main problem is the website that distributes the PDF is very concerned that you purchase a membership to their premium forum ($20 for lifetime).

Over the years there are a few websites that I've consistantly enjoyed every time I've visited. When I'm bored or looking to waste some time I check out a few of the ones I hadn't visited in a while.

The Onion This website is great, I go here almost every day! It's a fake newspaper, an hilarious fake newspaper I mean. I can't say I read many of the actual articles but the headlines are enough to keep me coming back. A feature I look forward to is the "What Do You Think" (now renamed "American Voices") section. It's updated every week day and pretty much has hilarious comments on some random news story.

The Straight Dope Not something you'd want to read every day, but very interesting for the nerd in you (I'm 80% nerd). As far as I can gather it's mostly an archive of a newspaper column where people would ask really tough/really random questions and the author would answer them after doing a lot of research. One current question: "Is it safe  to wash clothing at the laundromat?" (I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds like it could be interesting.)

Homestar Runner Very funny flash cartoon site. The "Strongbad Email" section is probably the most popular part of the site. On it one of the characters, Strongbad, answers questions and addresses comments sent to him. This site might take a little getting used-to; give a few cartoons a try before disregarding it. This is by the way, fun for all ages, something your kids might enjoy just as much as you...

Urban Legends Reference Pages Like the title says, this is an urban legend website. They either confirm or deny pretty much every urban legend out there. They also update it frequently with the latest e-mails that are going around (that my neighbor insists on forwarding me).

The Sneeze Very funny site with a single author, Steve. He is just pretty much a very funny writer and can turn anything into comedy. A feature you might check out if you're just testing the site out is "Steve Don't Eat It" where in the interest of entertaining us he'll eat various disgusting foods. Look for the link on the left, at the bottom of a list. Recient "food" eaten by Steve: Pickled Pork Rinds...

The Word Detective A great site for the ocational visit. And another site where the author answers questions sent to him by readers... These are all on the origins of words or phrases, sounds boring but I find it fascinating.

Maddox and Listen To Me Both of these are kinda the same, some guy, or a couple people think their opinions are worth reading. I don't know how often they are updated, but there's tons of content on each one, so it shouldn't be a problem for first time visitors. Go to them and check out movie reviews, video game reviews, rants, you name it.

Linkswarm I used to go here all the time, not so much any more. The website is pretty much a collection of links to other websites. The descriptions are short, but are usually enough to let you know if you wanna click or not. Linkswarm is a little racy at times, and not all the links are labled NSFW (even when they should be). A little more "family friendly" website with the same general idea is I-Am-Bored.

I don't have an Xbox, but this seems like a good deal to me. The deal is either just starting or just finishing (I'm not sure). If you're interested, the deal only lasts 24 hours so act now!

It's on the website woot that Mouser found.

I've been looking for a program that can make a DVD menu out of a couple BMPs/PNGs/JPGs/WHATEVERs for hours.......... I don't know anything about DVD menus, but I know I hate them! They should be like html, instead they're more like... bad furnature assembly instructions.

Do any of y'all know of a halfway decient (I'll take a quarter decient) program that can create a DVD menu? All I ask is that it takes less than 50 steps, involves less than 4 programs, and produces files I can import into DVD ReMake Pro (VOBs, IFOs, BUPs... standard DVD files).

This should be easy. They seem to be a grand total of 2 images (or if you're really fancy; a video clip and an image) and a few rectangle areas designated as buttons.

Super mini review of DVD ReMake Pro: Hollywood DVDs have the most convoluted file structures I've ever seen. DRMP seems to work well for what it has to work with, but it isn't exactly mature yet. Example: some components can be deleted by hitting the del key, other components you have to right click and choose delete.

Just in case any of you are looking for an audio file manager I thought I'd bring " The GodFather " to your attention.

I wont get into it now, but TGF can do practically anything audio-file related. One of the most powerful features is it's script support (using delphi). Another very cool thing about TFG is it's author (jtclipper) is very active in the forum, if there's something you need to ask about or have a suggestion to offer; you'll probably get a responce within a day or so.

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