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Howdy y'all! Has it already been 10 years? Also, a related question: has it only been 10 years? I still use a lot of the software that I learned about through this forum and some of it I feel like I've been using "forever" so 10 years almost doesn't seem long enough. Thanks for the call-back mouser!

I've picked up the hobby of CNC milling so most of my forum time has been on CNCZone lately. I also have a YouTube channel I've been trying to update every now and then with my current machining projects (I'm sure a clever person could easily find it if they wanted).

My battles with software are unending. The CAD/CAM software landscape is bleak, I don't know how some of these people sleep at night when they charge thousands of dollars for software that is occasionally barely-functional. My desire to vent is hard to repress, but I'll save it for other threads...

Good to see the site is still kicking!

You'd think so right?

I often think about how modern media players lack many features Winamp had by version 1.5* or so... A program which is something like 10 years old!

* I don't remember the exact version I've actually looked up, but even if it's version 3.0 it's still unacceptable, IMO.

Howdy y'all, long time no see...

I would pay good money for an awesome MP3 player program for Android. There's one feature that I cannot find anywhere: song rating support. I want to be able to rate all my music using the somewhat standard one through five star rating system available on most music management programs (Media Monkey, J. River Media Center, Winamp, WMP, etc.) and some dedicated PMPs (Sandisk Sansa Fuze, most iPods (I think), the Creative Zen line, and the Archos players too (I think)).

Anyone out there have the know-how and ambition to create a killer MP3 (and other formats I guess) player app?

I would be willing to pay a somewhat large amount of money to get the ball rolling on this project, if that would help. Of course, I don't want to waste money, so I'll need to be convinced that whoever I give it to will actually deliver (or attempt to deliver) what I want.

The best media player I can find is called Meridian. It has some semblance of a star rating system already, except as far as I can tell the ratings do not sync with any other programs.

General Software Discussion / Re: Time to kill the OS upgrade disc?
« on: November 07, 2009, 04:23 AM »
I've never bought a pre-built desktop as far as I can remember but when I buy a laptop it doesn't take me long to format and reinstall using a clean Windows disc. So far I've never had a computer that wouldn't let me activate using the COA stuck to the computer.

Formatting and reinstalling is more consistent, less involved, better (IMO), and can be faster (depending on how many updates Microsoft has released). The only hurdle is getting ahold of a genuine Windows disc with witch to do the install. Microsoft would probably be better off if their ISOs were more easily obtained.

General Software Discussion / Re: Time to kill the OS upgrade disc?
« on: October 30, 2009, 11:08 PM »
I downloaded and installed the Home Premuim "upgrade" from Microsoft. I only do clean installs (if I can) so I decided to try doing a clean install using the ISO I downloaded from MS. It worked just like Vista - if you don't put in a key during the install it'll install a "trial" - the only difference is that it did not ask which version I bought. I left it installed for I guess about a week now and just a minute ago put in the key. So far so good, it activated without even a hickup.

To summarize: I did a clean install using the "upgrade" key I got from Microsoft.

Oh, even though I hadn't read Paul's site before, what I did was what he labeled "Method #1".

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